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Season preview | Sunday night Glitterbox at Hï Ibiza

The dancefloor convergence point of the mainstream and the underground.

About Glitterbox

Uniting generations of music lovers and Disco devotees, club phenomenon Glitterbox continues on Ibiza in 2023 - the island where it all began. Honouring the roots and culture at the heart of the scene, it's the safe-space where marginalised communities and the mainstream converge.

Launching here in 2013, Glitterbox's arrival heralded the start of a new strategy for Defected, which split its audience into two categories: entry-level and seasoned. Expect unbeatable energy, packed dancefloors, a tolerant mentality and plenty of unforgettable moments this summer.

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Every Sunday night, from 7 May to 1 October | 23:30 to 06:00

Sundays are huge on Ibiza. In terms of parties, you are spoilt for choice. It's one of the most diverse days with something for everybody and several big hitters. It's also the day of the week when the more mature crowd has a tendency to hit the dancefloor. Hello, Glitterbox.


Found in Playa d'en Bossa, high-tech Hï Ibiza was voted the world's number one club by readers of DJ Mag in 2022. It only opened in 2017 and wasted no time in making an impact. With a growing profile year-on-year, Hï Ibiza celebrated its most successful season last summer.

Glitterbox | Hï Ibiza


Glitterbox has called Hï Ibiza home since 2017, being the club's longest-running party alongside Black Coffee. In fact, Glitterbox was at Space (2015 and 2016) and was the only party to survive, making an immediate jump from the old incarnation to the new.


Only the absolute masters of the scene - the DJs who've been around since day one (or near enough) and help build the foundations of club culture. Guys and girls who are responsible for some of dance music's most timeless anthems. It's a conveyor belt of talent.

In The Theatre you can count on names such as Roger Sanchez, Todd TerryDavid Morales, Masters At WorkBasement Jaxx, The Shapeshifters, Dave Lee (formerly Joey Negro), Armand Van Helden, Groove Armada and Bob Sinclar - all no doubt faces you'll be familiar with thanks to their contributions down the decades.

Glitterbox | Hï Ibiza

Therefore, there's a temptation to call Glitterbox a "retro" party, only it's so much more than that. It's also a place where you can catch DJs pushing the sound forward in the modern day. Kiddy Smile, Krystal Klear, Ash Lauryn, Dirty Channels and Dan Shake all have dates.

There's curveballs too. Crazy P Soundsystem, Girls Of The Internet, Myd and Floorplan look beyond the party's perceived parameters and keep things fresh.

Anybody after some Ibiza originals can also look forward to sets from White Isle authentics Smokin Jo and DJ Pippi, while Glitterbox Radio host Melvo Baptiste gets nine dates.

Glitterbox | Hï Ibiza

Keep your eyes peeled for some unannounced PAs. Róisín Murphy was one late last summer and we already know that Julie McKnight is at the opening party.

Perhaps more than any other party, the focus is as much on the dancefloor as it is on the DJ booth. This is amplified by its family of dancers, who are the true face of Glitterbox. Lucy Fizz, Mx Fit, Remy and their pals are the true stars of the show. 

A Glitterbox timeless classic

With Mighty Mouse's premature passing in late 2022, and Folamour in the mix for two dates, we're banking on hearing this several times this summer.

Keep an eye on

A spate of all night long sets dotted throughout summer and getting announced soon.

Any surprises?

Legendary Hip-Hop DJ Jazzy Jeff appearing on 13 August.

Strongest week?

You won't find a sub-par week, but for our money, we can't look past 27 August which features Jayda G, Artwork, Mark Farina, Heidi Lawden and Fat Tony all in the same sitting. Musically that will be simply fantastic.

A set to get you in the mood

Anything else cool?

Glitterbox is a vibrant party, bursting with colour. This year, it has commissioned contemporary artist Haris Nukem to deliver a series of stunning visuals. Introducing a fresh take on the party's inclusive slogans, this year's messages are 'The Love Is Real', 'Dance Forever' and 'Feel The Music', each conveying Glitterbox's values and uplifting spirit.

Ibiza Spotlight's top tip

The Wild Corner toilet rave is always a hoot whichever night you attend Hï Ibiza. However, it just feels like it was conceived with Glitterbox in mind. Get a date with Melon Bomb in there, and it'll be a contender for the best night of your holiday.

Glitterbox | Hï Ibiza


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