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Ibiza Virgins' Guide: Hï Ibiza

We talk you through Ibiza's newest super-club.

Hï Ibiza is the newest addition to the island's vast super-club portfolio - and it really lives up to its "super" tag. Owned and operated by The Night League (the same team behind Ushuaïa Ibiza), Hï Ibiza first opened its doors in summer 2017. The venue is state-of-the-art and industry leading in every aspect.

Flanked by VIP areas on both sides, the venue's awe-inspiring main room has been christened The Theatre. Thusly, you can expect to be entertained in the auditorium-like space. What makes Hï Ibiza a club of the future is that the The Theatre boast an interchangeable configuration. It's essentially a blank canvas, meaning that no two nights are the same.

Each party deploys its own custom-made production. You could visit every night of the week and get a different experience each time. You will want to have your phone camera at the ready to record the dazzling display. Expect to be bombarded from all angles, by dancers, lasers, lighting and fog machines.

Whereas The Theatre is all about the centre-stage spectacle, the next-door Club Room is a more back-to-basics clubbing experience. Box-like, with less emphasis on production, sound is placed at the forefront. Don't be misled, though, this room is capable of holding its own.

Hï Ibiza also has two expansive outdoor areas to chill and use as a smoking area, in addition to an alfresco balcony that is accessible to general admission customers on selected nights. These outdoor areas are stylised by VIP teepees and Avatar-like glowing trees. Pretty magical.


Number of rooms: Two - The Theatre and the Club Room (though do make sure you visit the Wild Corner unisex toilets for a surprise!)
Capacity: 5,500
Famous for: Countless DIY videos that capture the creative spark and no-expense-spared production of Ibiza's most modern club
Vibe: Pick-your-jaw-off-the-floor incredible - a feast for the senses
Go if: You want to make your mates back home jealous
Trivia: Hï Ibiza occupies the same grounds as the legendary Space Ibiza (1989-2016), but we digress. That was the past, and this is the present. Hï Ibiza is busy carving out a legacy all of its own.


Hï Ibiza is situated at the southern tip of Playa d'en Bossa's main strip, opposite the Ushuaïa and Hard Rock Hotel complex. Taxis will drop off immediately outside but can cost as much as €32 if travelling all the way from San Antonio, so sharing is recommended. As from Ibiza Town it will cost approx. 16€. Visitors staying in Playa d'en Bossa benefit from being within walking distance - a real bonus of staying in this resort.

Those staying in San Antonio can save money by catching the disco bus. The L3B service connects the two on event days. Find out more info on the routes by reading our disco bus guide. A full list of disco bus timetables can be found here.

If you've rented a car, then Playa d'en Bossa has two large paid car parks, one directly next to Hi Ibiza, the other about 5-10 minutes walk to the venue. You can also try to park for free along the streets at the south end of the resort.


Hï Ibiza is predominant aimed at the current generation. As such, it features pretty much all the popular sounds in its week. That said, its Sunday party, Glitterbox, definitely attracts an older crowd with retro disco vibes. Elsewhere you can dance to Tech House, futuristic Techno, Deep House or mainstream dance and chart music depending on the day of the week. Hï Ibiza's programme is consciously diverse. There's definitely something on the menu for everybody.


Expect to pay from €50 to €80 for most parties, depending on the time of year, although early bird and early entry tickets can often be picked up from €35 if you move quickly. For David Guetta's new party Future Rave, you can expect to pay upwards of €60 in advance. Leave it late, and it could be as much as €80 - and more on the door! It's even known to sell out on occasion, so securing your ticket early is a must. "Legendary" status comes at a price, but there's a reason why it remains so popular even after all these years.

For more infos about all confirmed events in Hï Ibiza in our party guide.


Long drinks cost €20 to €23, a beer €16 for a 330ml bottle, 500ml water is €13.

Anybody feeling plush and looking to fork out for a VIP experience should expect to pay in the thousands for a private area with bottle service. Still interested? Enquire directly with the venue.

Food options are sparse once in, so you will want to get some energy inside you prior to arrival - if you want to last until lights up, that is! Playa d'en Bossa is lined with places to grab a quick bite or takeout. Even if you are running late, stopping en route for a slice of pizza is a convenient compromise.


Hï Ibiza isn't as dressy as some other clubs, but it's still one of the stricter venues in comparison to elsewhere on the island. Sleeveless vests and sports team jerseys are a no-no. Shorts and trainers are fine, as are casual t-shirts but, but please do not turn up wearing flip-flops, ill-advised, regardless of dress code. Nobody wants their little toes trampled on in a busy club!


You can find these listed at various places inside the venue, although it is worth following the club's social media channels, where set-times are often shared in the hours before the party.


Hï Ibiza does not have a cloakroom - designers used every available space to turn it into the incredible venue it is. With that in mind, make sure you travel light. Things such as selfie-sticks, GoPros and professional recording kit are prohibited items. There's so much going on, you don't really need to bring any extras. They would only prove a nuisance.

Should you wish to withdraw cash, an ATM is located just inside the entrance as you pass the box office. Alternatively, you will find many ATMs along Playa d'en Bossa's main strip, on either side of the road prior to your arrival. All of the bars accept payment via contactless or chip and PIN in any case.


Since 2019, Hï Ibiza's Opening Party became special as it teams up with the neighbouring Ushuaïa and its Opening Party for a dual-venue affair.

The closings of the two neighbouring super-clubs also usually take place together.

This article is part of our Ibiza Virgins' Guides, packed full of information on how to get the most out of your stay on Ibiza. Check them out.

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