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Ibiza Virgins' Guide: What club to choose?

Which club and why!?

Whichever way you spin it, Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world. For first-timers, or even those who have been before, the constant evolution of the island’s clubbing landscape can create total confusion.

But fear not, Ibiza Spotlight is here to help.

We have created a concise and fool-proof guide to navigating your way around the many, many clubs and parties the island has to offer. Look no further for all the information you need, broken down into lots of easy to follow categories. So you can spend more time enjoying the music and dancing all day and all night.


Ibiza's music policy is 80 per cent electronic music. The other 20 per cent encompasses just about everything else you can dance to, though in recent years the Latin and Reggaeton scene has exploded. Music is absolutely everywhere and represents the heartbeat of the island.

The people you will meet and dance with are at the core of what makes Ibiza clubbing so special: an international crowd of all ages here just for one thing and one thing alone - the music.

Here are the main places where you will find the masses...

Amnesia Ibiza by Pablo Dass

Amnesia, San Rafael

Home to two of the most famous dancefloors on the island, Amnesia is split between the dark and moody Main Room and the awesome Terraza, which comes to life at sunrise when daylight streams through the glass roof into the room.

With music ranging from underground to mainstream dance,. Although perhaps best know for its thumping Techno sessions, this a diverse club. It even hosts Ibiza's only foam party, the wet and wild La Espuma.

Insider Tip: Stay till the bitter end! Once the sun comes up on the terrace, the place has a palpable second wind. Always the best part of the night!


Eden, San Antonio

Eden had a massive overhaul several years ago and now sports a hard-hitting Void Incubus sound system which really packs a punch. That's not the only place where its owners have invested.

In the last decade, Eden's standing has risen and it has found itself able to attract increasingly bigger parties and bigger name DJs. It's an exciting time for Eden, as it looks to build on this momentum.

A great choice if you want to "keep it local" and have already been to the rival across the road...

Insider Tip: If you want to see Eden in full-swing - and get the most out of the sound system - then Defected on Fridays is a must.


Hï Ibiza

Hï Ibiza, Playa d'en Bossa

Featuring state of the art production and industry-leading visualsHï Ibiza is a club fit for the 21st Century. Owned and operated by The Night League (the same people behind Ushuaïa), Hï made an instant impact when it launched in 2017. Today, it is the proud owner of back-to-back wins of DJ Mag's prestigious world's number one club award.

The Theatre is appropriately named, due to the awe-inspiring theatrics you'll see here. Meanwhile, the Club Room is more stripped back and offers a more traditional clubbing experience.

Since opening, Hï Ibiza has really altered the perception of what a club night entails - not only on Ibiza, but globally.

Insider Tip: The main bathroom, the Wild Corner, as it is known, is unlike any other you're likely to use anywhere else on the planet! We won't spoil the surprise, but you'll never view a comfort break in the same way again.


Pacha Ibiza

Pacha, Ibiza Town

This iconic nightclub, Pacha used to be a small farmhouse back in 1973 (making it the grand ol' age of 50 in 2023!) but has grown to be the most recognised clubbing brand all over the world. Everyone has a place in their heart for those cherries!

A stunning building both inside and out, you will find most of the big names in electronic music hosting a night here. Pacha is glam! It's the one club on Ibiza you won't feel overdressed dressed-to-the-nines. Don't fret though, you can still turn up in casual club wear (unless you've wangled VIP, that is, in which case long trousers are mandatory for men!).

Insider Tip: If you eat at Pacha's El Restaurante, as long as you hit the minimum spend per head, you get complimentary admission into the club afterwards. Okay, the restaurant isn't cheap, but when you can save up to €80 each on tickets, it's a no-brainer!

Plus the food is amaziiiiiing.


Ushuaïa Ibiza

Ushuaïa Ibiza, Playa d'en Bossa

Directly across the road from Hï Ibiza, Ushuaïa has climbed up the ranks over the last decade rising from stylish beach club to the king of daytime parties.

The open-air super-club boasts a stage to rival most festivals and amazing production including huge ice cannons, dancers and some of the biggest pyrotechnics the island has ever seen.

Ushuaïa's music policy focusses mainly on mainstream electronic music but also includes a few more underground events. Most of these parties are also very popular with the VIP set.

Insider Tip: Get there before sunset and watch the show unfold before your eyes!


Las Dalias

Akasha (Las Dalias), San Carlos, The North

Situated off the beaten track, in the village of San Carlos, Las Dalias has historically serviced the dancing needs of the more Northern residents of the island - but it really shouldn't be just their secret!

Big live performances and bohemian fiestas grace the open-air garden terraces, before going indoors after midnight for deep and melodic tech house sessions until the small hours.

Now enhanced by boutique club space Akasha, Las Dalias went to be a full-time party venue from the summer of 2022 onwards.

Insider Tip: Go on a day when you can experience the full venue: both outside and in. Namasté, Ethereal, Nido or, if you're lucky, one of Sven Väth's day-to-night specials.


Club Chinois by Mario Pinta

Club Chinois, Ibiza Marina

Club Chinois can be found in the well-to-do area of Ibiza Marina, next door to the casino. It's the sister club to Park Chinois in Mayfair, London and that should give you some idea of the vibe and the social status of its clientele.

Intimate and with a great sound system, Club Chinois is dressed up in the style 1920's colonial Shanghai, which just adds to its boujee nature. Proof in point: the club's dress code states that men should wear long trousers. Say no more ie. making a bit of effort in the wardrobe department is expected.

All that said, Club Chinois still has an excellent music programme with high-calibre residents.

Insider Tip: If you want to dine at the Zuma rooftop restaurant, you need to place your reservation two weeks ago! Seriously, it's that popular. Plan well ahead if you want to try this award-winning Japanese-fusion cuisine.


Es Paradis

Es Paradis, San Antonio

Es Paradis is one of the oldest clubs on the island and is, quite simply, beautiful by design.

Spreading itself out in the style of a tropical paradise beneath an avant-garde glass pyramid, Es Paradis is often the club first-timers visit first, due to its convenient location in the middle of San Antonio.

In recent times, Es Paradis hasn't tended to book the big, household names you find elsewhere, but it is a lot friendlier on your wallet or purse.

Insider Tip: The club's water parties, Fiesta del Agua, are legendary!


Ibiza Rocks by Gabi Escalofrios

Ibiza Rocks, San Antonio

Known as "the home of the pool party", this open-air venue isn't a club per se, but THE go-to place for pool parties including everything from Rap, Pop and commercial electronic music in the courtyard of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel every week, all summer. A welcome antidote if you are after some daytime action.

Insider Tip: Going as a group? Why not upgrade to a table or a bed, so you can get the Ibiza Rocks' full works? Makes ordering food and bottles of spirit to share both convenient and affordable.


This fashionable beach club offers a variety of pool parties and bubbly poolside fun. With a different party every day, O Beach brings loads of feel-good House, dance music favourites and even some Garage.

A perfect place for celebrations of every kind, book yourselves a VIP bed for the ultimate poolside fun. Their live performances, aerial shows and acrobatics will blow you away.

Insider Tip: Take advantage of O Beach's onsite restaurant to enjoy a full day at sparkling the beachside venue.


DC10 has marked its place in history as one of the pioneers of daytime clubbing back in the day. With no roof, no frills, just dancing in a shed under the flight path was exactly how they rolled.

Once the roof went on, the club refined itself ever so slightly and is now legendary in terms of the incredible line-ups and the "come as you are" attitude - a proper underground club.

Insider TipCircoloco, DC10's legendary Monday party, is a rite of passage. Each week, islanders and tourists alike make the pilgrimage. Sometimes it can prove too popular though. If busy (and we mean busy!) scenes aren't you thing, you might be better attending on another day of the week. Personally, we like to keep our eye out for special label takeovers that tend to happen as one-offs in peak season and always attract a cool, knowledgeable crowd.


Underground, San Rafael

A bit of a locals' institution, the small size of Underground belies its powerful nature! With next to zero advertising, apart from a select bit of social media, word of mouth draws the crowds of Ibiza residents and workers here. Paying it a visit will pay off for sure...

Insider Tip: Keep your eye-out for regularly appearances from tINI and Rhadoo. Normally, if you add your name to the event wall on the facebook listing, you get discounted entry.


Clubs which aren't clubs... but kind of are

While Ibiza might be known for its clubs, it actually boasts lots more cool venues - many of which are multiple purpose and double-up as restaurants or chill-out bars. Some you will no doubt have heard of already, but we're sure there's some waiting for you to discover as well.

Here's a comprehensive list of some of the other wicked venues around the island throwing some mighty fine shindigs.

Café Mambo

Café Mambo, Sunset Strip, San Antonio

Although you will no doubt be familiar with the name, one thing Café Mambo definitely isn't, is a nightclub.

That said, it's still a place where you can guarantee world class DJs to be playing every night after sunset. For free, too! Even the resident DJs are worth catching in our book.

Café Mambo and its neighbours on the Sunset Strip definitely have the best sunsets in the world, but be warned you'll need to book ahead and be prepared to hit minimum spend if you want a front row seat. Alternatively, you could just prop up on the rocks?

Insider Tip: Café Mambo is the most popular spot on the strip, so to avoid the crowds and appreciate the views somewhere a little cheaper, you can always compromise on the Mambo-owned Mint Lounge next door. The cocktails there are just as good!


Pikes Ibiza

Pikes, on the outskirts of San Antonio

Slightly left of the middle but with a serious belief in partying, dressing up and mischief, Pikes has put itself on the map for throwing some almighty soirees, all in the comfortable vicinity of their front room - or Freddie's - to you and me.

Transforming what was once the suite of Freddy Mercury into a rave den, the peeps at Pikes put on intimate yet wild fiestas with unique line-ups. Make sure you pay it a visit, though be advised that in order to preserve the special vibe Pikes is an over 25 venue. All who attend must first sign-up for the free guest list via its website.

Insider Tip: Daytimes at Pikes are also noteworthy. Think cocktails by the pool once used in Wham!'s Club Tropicana video, with a very laid back soundtrack provided by in-the-know resident DJs.


Cova Santa

Cova Santa, San José

Tucked away on a San José hillside, Cova Santa is the Amnesia-owned restaurant and club space specialising in gastronomy, mixology and theatrical events. The site even has its own cave, hence the name.

Cova Santa has a small club downstairs, but its best feature is its open-air dancefloor and outdoor stage. Popular parties Woomoon and Storytellers involve the audience, with peripheral performance and a welcoming vibe that attracts a wide age range, from grey-haired hippies to pre-teen children (when accompanied by adults!).

Insider Tip: If you've got the budget and were planning a big holiday meal out, take our word and book the restaurant on a party date. The food is pricey, but A-star and you get to see all the action unfold below you before you join it later to burn-off those calories.



Destino, Cap Martinet, near Talamanca

Destino, an upmarket adult resort belonging to the Pacha Group, puts on some of the island's most flamboyant poolside parties, with some big name DJs on the ones and twos.

Beneath the hotel lies a petite club, Tox, with a magnificent sound system which is often the location of Pacha after-parties. Very Dusk Til' Dawn... although you'll need to be a hotel guest or very well connected to get an invite. It really is tiny and exclusive.

Don't fret too much though, because Destino is really more about the outdoor stage in a stunning location - and you get twelve opportunities a summer to dance here. Let's hope the stars align for your dates.

Insider TipSunset. I know we keep going on about the sunset hours, but they are so special here on Ibiza. The sun sets behind the old town from this vantage point and is magical.


Lío Ibiza

Lío, Marina Botafoch

Another member of the monumental Pacha brand, Lío is, by trade, a high-class restaurant and cabaret, with breathtaking, unrestricted views across the marina to Ibiza's Old Town.

A multi-course meal is interspersed with acrobatics, dance and song performances, executed perfectly by a stellar, award-winning cast.

Then by 01:00, the tables are cleared and Lío is transformed into a dynamic nightclub that goes on until dawn.

Insider TipBook your table early! The whole summer of reservations is usually full by June.



So you've decided where to go. Buying tickets in advance is ALWAYS recommended. If you're sure you want to go to a particular party, then you won't find anywhere cheaper than Ibiza Spotlight.

And should your plans change, you can cancel nearly all tickets up to one day before and you'll receive a full refund (we make it very clear for the exceptions when you can't). For some venues you must purchase cancellation insurance if you want to be able to cancel your tickets.

This tactic also saves precious time and money once you get to Ibiza. Who wants to be running around trying to score those golden tickets when there is partying to be done?!

Find all confirmed partys in the official Ibiza Spotlight party calendar.


You know where you're going, but what to wear, what time to go, how much money do you take, how do you get there?! Don't despair! That's what this guide is for! Read on...

Timings - If you arrive at a club at midnight, then you will be exposed as the Ibiza virgin you are! The optimum time to hit the dancefloor is between 01:00 and 02:00.

Clothes - Ibiza clubs are often hot and sweaty affairs. High heels are an absolute no unless you are in hitting the VIP!

Dress for comfort and longevity and we recommend taking a bag that you can strap to yourself so you don't end up losing your wallet and phone when you put your bag down to do some mega arm pumps.

Apart from that, mostly anything goes, but use some common sense. Beach wear for pool party hotspots like Ibiza Rocks and O Beach = more than fine. Welcomed, if anything. However, you will need to be a bit more conservative at the likes of Ushuaïa and Destino and then a bit more still at the nighttime clubs.

At the more upmarket venues like Pacha, Lío and Club Chinois, you may wish to get a bit more dressed up than shorts, jeans, trainers and such. The no-vest rule is often enforced on boys and flip-flops in a club are often not allowed. Always check the individual club rules before you go.

Money - Drinking in the clubs can be an expensive business. Beer can set you back anything between €10-13 a bottle, and a long drink €14-20. Ouch! Be prepared.

Don't carry too much cash. All clubs take cards. And if you leave a bit of a tip for the bartender, you'll be guaranteed to get served quicker the next time!

Getting there and back - The Ibiza public transport system is geared around clubbing during the season and there is a solid network of buses that will take you between the party capitals of San Antonio, Playa d'en Bossa and Ibiza Town. The aptly named Disco Bus moves, as the name suggests, from disco to disco all through the night. A fab way to get around and much cheaper than taxis.

Drugs - Ibiza has strict laws controlling illegal drugs and the clubs themselves have a zero-tolerance policy also. If caught with any in your possession, you can face serious repercussions, including jail sentences. Ibiza Spotlight does not condone drug use of any sort. We are here to offer practical and useful advice to people travelling to Ibiza. BE SAFE AND SENSIBLE AT ALL TIMES!

Taxis will start to appear outside nightclubs throughout the night at designated taxi ranks. Don't be tempted to get into an unlicensed taxi, no matter how cheap it claims to be. Always go for the proper ones with the green light on top.

The queues for taxis when the clubs shut can be very long indeed and you will have to be prepared to wait with the rest of the rabble for your turn. Be warned! Leaving 15 minutes before lights up can be beneficial. But who cares, right?! Stay till the end is always our advice…!

Insider Tip: download the TAXI IBIZA app to your smartphone, walk a short distance from the venue and order your taxi direct to your location. It even gives you a handy calculation of fare.

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WORDS | by Leena Sharma & Stephen Hunt

Article revised and updated January 2023.

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