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What to do when the weather changes on Ibiza

Grey skies still mean smiles.

When the weather changes for the worst, we often don't know what to do. Ibiza does have more than 300 days of sunshine a year, though here, like everywhere else, the weather changes. In fact, as beautiful as the island is when the sun shines, it's very often stunningly pretty when it rains or when there are thunderstorms.

We appreciate that you will want to do more than just watch the weather, so keep calm, carry on and do things. Remember, bad weather only exists in the mind, it's really only different weather, so go out and enjoy!

While away the time in a café or bar

Put down your mobile phone and seek out a lovely local bar and chat to each other. You might find that you get on really well. Try an Ibizan breakfast of pan con tomate (bread with tomato) with a cafe con leche (milky coffee) or for the braver, a carajillo, essentially a long espresso topped up with brandy or Baileys to warm your heart. Then, plan what to do when the sun comes back.

Do a food tour

Let Ibiza Food Tours educate your taste buds with a guided walk through the charming nooks and crannies of Ibiza Town. Here you will sample some famous cured Jamon Ibérico ham, tapas, cheeses, teas, wines and local tipple hierbas. The tours are offered in the early evening, last three and a half hours and are equivalent to an 8-course tasting dinner. Arrive hungry!

Explore the island's natural beauty

Grey days and when the temperature is lower is time to get out and about and get acquainted with the island's natural beauty. Take advantage of less crowded beaches, take in their beauty and shelter in a pine forest if rain falls. Walking Ibiza holds lots of public walks as well as bespoke private ones, so check them out.

Go to a beach club and enjoy the sea spectacle

If you want luxury on a grey day, head to a beach club or beach restaurant, where you will still get excellent food and drinks in plush surroundings and an atmospheric view of the beach. No days are dull days in these places.

Visit one of the museums

Ibiza does have a good number of museums for an island its size from contemporary art, to Ibiza's Moorish or Phoencian past to the life of an Ibicenco peasant. You'll also find a good number of private galleries filled by its benefactors with stunning modern art.

Get a tattoo

Now could be your chance to get that tattoo you've been thinking about. In San Antonio you'll find Lindo Vicio who specialises in tribal-ethnic and dot work. If you are around Ibiza Town, pop down to El Flaco where they can give a tattoo and if you fancy it, a microdermal piercing.

Try some local beer at the Ibosim Brewery

The Ibosim Brewery located in Port des Torrent in San Antonio Bay proves it's not all about cocktails and sangria. Offering craft ales brewed right here on Ibiza using local ingredients, you will find a mixture of Pale Ales and special occasion brews. Visit this cool micro brewery for an Ibizan take on beer.

Get to know Ibiza's villages

With many lovely White Isle villages, now is the time to go and see them. From the picture-postcard prettiness of San Agustín and its terrific countryside views to the hilly village of San Juan, you'll find charm and character in abundance. Check out the original hippy haunt Bar Anita in San Carlos, where you'll see the postboxes that the locals still use to this day.

Go to market

Ibiza has great hippy, artisan and local produce markets and some also take place all year round. In summer, you'll also find smaller street markets in all the main resorts. Whether you want jewellery, a great hat, handmade soaps, artisan food or something to wear out, you'll find it. Take a peek at our popular markets page to find when they are on and where to find them.

Visit the Can Marça caves

Step into a another era and see centuries old-stalagmites in the mysterious caves of Can Marça. Once a smuggler's refuge for contraband, today it's a local spectacle with multi-level, illuminous green pools of water and a light show shower, making it plenty of fun. Located near Puerto de San Miguel, you'll have a nice trip out too.

Get out and see art in unusual places

Art isn't just in museums. Ibiza has many treats for the eyes in places you wouldn't expect All year round, there's the fascinating murals of Bloop's Open Air Gallery, Las Dalias's monthly art exhibitions; and in summer even hotels and restaurants are getting in on the act too with some great exhibitions that mix in art where the action is.

Learn some Spanish

When you visit Ibiza, it's incumbent on us all to learn more words beyond una caña (a beer) or hola (hello). No one would expect you to learn the Catalan dialect Ibicenco, though brushing up on your Spanish is great fun and you really will get a lot out of it. Talk to the locals in bars or simply download an app like Duolingo and enrich your life.

Pamper yourself

Why not ride out a storm or just a grey day by having a treatment in a spa or massage centre. A spectacular spa is Pure Seven at 7Pines Luxury Resort near Cala Conta, where you can watch the weather unfold afterwards from your privileged cliff-top setting or the Magness Soulful Spa in the Bless Hotel overlooking the Cala Nova beach. If it's a therapeutic massage you want, try the experts at Terysol Massage who do everything from Indian head to deep tissue.

Check out what's on at the Cinema

A trip to the cinema is great indoors thing to do and it's just fantastic to see films on the big screen. On Ibiza, many original language films can be seen, often in English (look for en inglés and/or Versión Original) and other languages with Spanish subtitles. Enjoy the latest blockbusters and classics at Cine Regio in San Antonio and Teatro España in Santa Eulalia and get back into movies.

Drink fine wines in a local winery

Whatever the weather, one can enjoy some local wine and a tour of where its made. Ibizkus does a great value tour of its production facilities and a five wine sampler for little money. Can Maymo, near the village of San Mateo also offer tours of its winery and there'sa kids' area. Sample local wines with tasty food. We can't think of anything finer.

Dance or sea swim in the rain

Let loose a little and embrace a rain dance in the streets and feel like a child again. Swimming in the sea when it rains is as cool as can be and if it's in summer, even better. Fans of cold-water dips won't mind the winter sea temperatures. As they say, it's fine once get you in.

Go clothes shopping

Clothes shopping is always fun, so on a day when you need to be indoors, why not spend it getting that Ibiza-inspired look of hipness meets hippyness. Many designers abound, some with their own boutiques, or if your budget is smaller, try one of the La Sirena/Art stores dotted around the island for high-street brands at top prices.

Have fun go-karting

Get ready to put the foot down as you race around the Ibiza Karting track just outside San Antonio. Get competitive with timed laps around the track but remember, it's an unspoken rule that the slowest has to buy lunch at the track cafe. With special karts for the little ones and a fun play area, the whole family can enjoy a day spent here. Take note that this activity is not available when it's raining.

Explore Phoenician ruins or Ibiza Town's citadel

Cool, cloudy days are the ideal time to head south and explore the historic Phonecian Ruins of Sa Caleta without breaking a sweat. The foundations of the original settlement map out an ancient urban area once inhabited thousands of years ago. Also, visiting the walled citadel of Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town is an excellent self-guided tour with signs in multiple languages guiding you through its deep and rich history.

ADDITIONAL WORDS | Hannah Starkie, Jo Dargie, Sasha Wharton

Article completely revised in August 2021

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