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Matinee - Amnesia 2016

Joyful house and crazy stage shows for this Spanish fiesta!

If the Greek god of wine Dionysus was transported to modern times he also would have been there. The cloven-footed one would probably have a job - hired by Matinée to give out free passes on the beach.

For the folk behind this Barcelona brand the party lifestyle has become simply their life. This award-winning crew cater to a queer crowd but celebrate in a way which transcends sexual boundaries. Not for them a gay ghetto, they have raised the profile of their style of joyful house music by taking it to the most central stage possible, first Space, now Amnesia.

An Amnesia party since 2009, and no longer a morning after hours, Matinée attracts a predominantly Spanish crowd and is now one of the most popular parties on the island as it takes over the terrace on Saturday nights from 11 June right the way through summer until 17 September 2016.

As with previous years, each party will have a specific theme, with La Leche (the white party), Boom (comic characters inspired), Pervert (your mum wouldn't like this one), Red Light (as in the district), Starship (space baby!) and the classic Matinée Gold.

Venue: Amnesia, San Rafael, Ibiza

Full summer listings for Matinee

Matinée Opening PartySat 11 Jun | 23:59
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MatinéeSat 18 Jun | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 25 Jun | 23:59
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MatinéeSat 02 Jul | 23:59
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MatinéeSat 09 Jul | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 16 Jul | 23:59
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MatinéeSat 23 Jul | 23:59
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MatinéeSat 30 Jul | 23:59
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MatinéeSat 06 Aug | 23:59
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MatinéeSat 13 Aug | 23:59
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MatinéeSat 20 Aug | 23:59
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MatinéeSat 27 Aug | 23:59
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MatinéeSat 03 Sep | 23:59
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MatinéeSat 10 Sep | 23:59
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