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Review: Paris Hilton Foam + Diamonds at Amnesia, 15th August

Sparkles and foam for Princess Paris at Ibiza´s favourite club, Amnesia.

I was more than a little curious to see what Paris Hilton's Foam and Diamonds party held in store for me as I walked up to the floodgates of Amnesia. From comments as negative as "she brings disgrace to the whole of Amnesia" to people defending her tenuous DJ status, the night brings with it a certain amount of celebrity controversy that people can't seem to get enough of. As Paris holds her own in the main room, next door's party Matinee comes with its own set of controversies, known for its decadent exotic dancers flaunting their well trained assets and homoerotic tendencies. And although Matinee deserves a chapter in its own right, Princess Paris was the one I was setting my sights on, for her third year residency at one of the best clubs in the world.

Paris Hilton's touch to the Foam & Diamonds imprint was immediately visible upon entering through the side door of Amnesia for Paris' own private entrance to the club. The walls were lined with pink velvet fabric with soft hues of red and pinks lighting the hallway and spilled into the main room of Amnesia. Photos of Paris and her Chihuahua decorated the Foam & Diamonds lounge, music was blaring through the speakers and a quick shimmy to the dance floor confirmed the Foam & Diamond resident DJs on the decks by doing what they do best – pumping the crowd with their EDM bangers, including renditions of Calvin Harris ft. John Newman Blame It On The Night with relentless bass lines and rhythmic strobe lights highlighting all the right corners of the club.

The main room was packed to the brim with a surprisingly younger crowd compared to some of the other nights at the super club, many looked well groomed and sparkly for the occasion, also perhaps because of the sexy steamy Matinee happening next door. From the balcony above with a birds-eye view of the dance floor I spotted the sexy blue leotard clad dancers plotting around the bar, and then doing the unbelievable – 8 shots, 2 girls. Right on, encouraged by their enthusiasm I marched to the bar and in my determination almost run straight into the lady of the hour, Paris Hilton herself. Dressed to the nines in sparkles and pink, sunglasses, cat ears, neon netted gloves – a classic raver but then more sophisticated - and shiny. Lights were flashing as the photographers crowded around her and then security were soon upon her to escort her to the booth.

"Hello everyone, I'm Paris Hilton, thank you for coming to my party Foam & Diamonds" an introduction by the lady who needs no introduction but will give it to you anyway, instead of putting a club banger straight off, she held everyone in suspense with a slow build up of an EDM remix of MGMT and continuing along a happy track of EDM anthems. Although the crowd were lapping it up, and Paris looked like she was having a great time, hands in the air, jumping and singing a long, even taking the time to turn her back to the crowd and give all the punters filming a great "bringing sexy back" shot, I have to admit I was slightly disappointed in her music selection as it was too generic for my taste. Commercial is fine, but predictable is boring. Reworks of Nirvana and White Stripes have dominated the EDM scene and Paris fell straight into the trap, however in her defense it unleashed a wild mass of hands in the air and blissed out faces hearing her music blasting through the speakers. One moment we were just a room full of sweaty dancers until I opened my eyes and it was light saber central. Glow sticks were handed out into the crowd and wild cheers of appreciation followed en masse. I haven't seen the main room get loose like this in a while, so props to Paris, she knows how to work her crowd.

A quick hop next door to see the Matinee crew absolutely mesmerizing the male dominated terrace, with scantily clad dancers, both male and female, coordinating a seductive and sultry dance completely entrancing the sweaty Matinee crowd. There was a large Asian and Italian influence for this one, with many tight and flamboyant outfits coming out to play. It was refreshing to see the stage on the entrance side to the club, giving a sense of unattainability and grandeur, really adding to the Matinee vibe.

I came to Amnesia with no expectations and left with the feeling that Foam and Diamonds is a well run machine fronted by party girl turned DJ - Paris Hilton. With an eye for detail and with little gifts like the glow sticks, the whole main room looked lke a fanatic wild sea of strobes and smiles, a good last image before leaving back on my journey home.

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Isa Flores

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