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Paris Hilton's Foam & Diamonds back in 2015

Foamy main room vibes on Saturdays at Amnesia.

Paris Hilton has very quickly become the marmite artist on the island, you either absolutely love her, or it isn't for you. But thousands upon thousands of crazed revellers have descended on Paris' parties over the last two seasons at Amnesia and had an absolute blast. We checked her parties out a few times and it was fun... nobody is looking for a Cocoon or ENTER. experience, she gets behind the decks, drops a load of dancefloor bombs with a few interesting curveballs thrown in then everyone raves about during the foam party at the end.

It's good fun folks, and there is nothing more to say about it!

Paris will be hosting the main room at Amnesia on Saturday nights from 18th July until 12th September, making this easily her longest club residency to date, so clearly the demand is there.

Let the foam and diamonds rain all night long.

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