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Saturdays. Amnesia Ibiza terrace. Matinée.

Fabulous feather boa based fun.

Over the years this gay icon of a party has taken its brand of joyful house music, flamboyant decoration and entertainment to two of the biggest stages on the island, Space and, since 1999, Amnesia. Gay friendly but entirely inclusive of all people and backgrounds, this predominantly Spanish party is one of the most consistently popular nights on the island, taking the highly coveted Saturday night terrace spot at Amnesia.

Opening doors on 13th June, Matinée will host the terrace at Amnesia all season long with the closing party date yet to be announced, but think some time in September along with the majority of other parties at the club.

As with previous years, each party will have a specific theme, with La Leche (the white party), Boom (comic characters inspired), Pervert (your mum wouldn't like this one), Red Light (as in the district), Starship (space baby!) and the classic Matinée Gold all regular features. No word just yet on whether or not the themes will stay the same, but expect a full club and entertainment makeover.

Isn't it nice to step away from the dark, serious world you might find at some of the islands parties and just let loose? We think so and there are thousands who feel the same way each and every Saturday night.

Matinée listings - 2023

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