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Review: Matinee, 23rd June

Ibiza virgins you have been warned. Be prepared for a night of seduction and total delirium as Matinee takes clubbing to a whole new level at Amnesia.

By Spotlight

Having the opportunity to visit VIP areas is a nice perk as a writer. But I soon waived that privilege and decided this time I would write my piece from the dance floor in the terrace room and get amongst it all.

Matinee is known to lure the sexiest people from around the world and it certainly lived up to its promise. Whether you were straight or gay or a raving granny, it didn’t matter; all were made to feel welcome.

What I loved about Matinee is they only scheduled two DJ’s in each room. This allowed the DJ’s to build their set with clarity and send us on a melodic journey without the interruption of a change over every hour. Some of the DJ’s that played included Lydia Sanz and Andre Vicenzzo on the terrace and Flavio and Dick Ray in the main room. The music progression was flawless. It started off bouncy with old handbag classics featuring unknown remixes from A Studio feat. Polina ‘SOS’ and Fragma’s ‘Tocas Miracle’. The music then dived deeper into a tribal sound meddled with tech house, a dash of techno and mostly feel good repetitive beats that you never wanted to end. If music is food for the soul then Matinee is the ingredient that will indulge you in your wildest dance fantasies.

The front of the terrace stage was draped in black curtains that had me wondering what they had planned. I also noticed what appeared to be blow up milk bottles and cows hanging from the roof of the terrace held together by a net that spanned the length of the dancefloor. They were marked ‘La Leche’. A quick Google translation revealed that it simply meant milk in Spanish, although I was certain my translation was incorrect...

Soon after, the terrace lights dimmed to a state of total darkness. My heart was thumping harder as an epic music intro started to play. Think of a movie trailer soundtrack to get an idea of how immense the build up was.

The music eventually climaxed into a glitz and glamour spectacle on stage that featured the hottest performers I had ever seen. Dancers seduced each other in what appeared to be bathtubs on stage. A gigantic martini glass was also erected on the dance floor that featured even more sexy performers exhibiting naughtiness whilst frolicking in a milk bath.

And so my Google translation finally started to make sense. A loud bang burst the nets hanging above the terrace roof and showered the dance floor with blow up cows, human sized milk bottles and a host of other goodies. Milk was the theme. And milk was damn sexy.

I also later learned that the Spanish use the term 'La leche' in a light hearted sense to define something as amazing in a contradictory sort of way.

The show also included roaming performers dressed as cows on stilts that showered the audience with snow. This was just the beginning. I could hear commotion behind me. As I turned around a large cow had somehow made its presence onto the dance floor being ridden by a provocative milk maid draped in minimal sequins wearing next to nothing. Oh my! La Leche? Hell yeah...

From dazzling costume changes to performers that knew how to stay in character, Matinee had it all. Maintaining artistic direction was at the core of the experience.

It wasn't just an event. It was so much more than that. Their successful formula is a testament to their passion as they continue to keep the spirit of Ibiza in unity by removing boundaries like race, color, sexual preferences or personal beliefs. Next Saturday, Matinee will host their next theme, 'BOOM'. I can't wait to see what they will throw at us next.



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