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Matinée 2014 announced

The party that transcends sexual boundaries.

Saturdays at Amnesia have been a wild occasion since 2009 when the Matinée party moved from Space. Originating in Barcelona, the award winning crew caters for a crowd which transcends sexual boundaries. A typical performance on stage can include anything from a 6ft 5inch mostly named muscle man dressed to look like a Roman goddess to a bunch of well endowed female and male performers getting to it under the sheets of a bed.

Everyone loves a good show, and none more so than a Matinée crowd for whom previous years residents have included gay icon Boy George playing the most joyous house to accompany the bright lights, flamboyant up for it crowd and crazy performers.

The party runs every Saturday from the 14th June, well into the early morning hours on Sunday. Confirmed artists include several live PA's from vocalist Rebeka Brown, Taito Tikaro, Lydia Sanz and Jordi Lights on the terrace and André Vicenzzo, Javier Medina, Flavio Zarza and Lenz Garcia playing the main room.

As with previous years, each party will have a specific theme, with La Leche (the white party), Boom (comic characters inspired), Pervert (your mum wouldn't like this one), Red Light (as in the district), Starship (space baby!) and the classic Matinée Gold.

Tickets available soon.

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