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The Gardens of Babylon - Akasha

At Akasha. Lose yourself in the music and find yourself in life.


Known for connecting music with spirituality around the world, The Gardens of Babylon is an intricate family responsible for co-creating mystical parties. The collective invites you to open your hearts and minds and amplify the human connection this summer at Akasha.

It's time to lose yourself in music and find yourself in life

Before the shows early attendees are gathered to meet the team and the other members, thus introducing everyone to the family. Partying solo? No problem. You will meet others soon enough.

Start at the beginning, but do not stop till the end. Each edition of The Gardens of Babylon starts with an opening ceremony. You will be welcomed from the very start.

The party also collaborates will local performers and artists, showcasing their many talents.

The Gardens of Babylon takes place on selected Thursdays, starting outside at Las Dalias before moving into Akasha for the final few hours. The summer dates are 16 June, 14 July, 18 August and 15 September, early evening until late.

See below for tickets and line-ups.

Venue: Akasha

The Gardens of Babylon listings - 2022


The Gardens of Babylon

line-up TBA

The Gardens of Babylon

line-up TBA

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