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Fierce dancing and gay abandon at inclusive Glitterbox

A party that welcomes all under the disco ball.

Here at Ibiza Spotlight, we're old hands when it comes to reviewing club nights. Trust us, collectively we've put our hours in on the dancefloors over the years (and even the sprightly amongst us are starting to look pretty haggard at this stage of summer!)

So when the invite from Glitterbox landed, it wasn't a question of if we would go, but who? Any takers?

Deciding to give ourselves a much needed end of August break, we out-sourced duties to our UK-based colleague Andy, his partner and their friends, who were here on holiday and up for a good time. Three fully paid-up members of the LGBTQIA community and one token straight guy.

The only instruction they were given was to give some honest feedback.

Here's what these first-time reviewers, but veteran Ibiza visitors, thought about their visit to Hï Ibiza's Sunday night disco odyssey.

Andy, 40, London

I never try to indulge nostalgia or talk about parties of old, but those who know me are well aware that I've had some reservations about how Ibiza is evolving, after the loss of Space, Bora Bora closing etc.

After attending Glitterbox for the first time in several years last week, I found myself totally won round by (relative) new kid on the block, Hï Ibiza. It finally clicked for me. Naturally, I went running back for a second helping this week.  

Glitterbox manages to put on a musically diverse sound, bringing together a mixed crowd of old timers and fresh-faced youngsters that just works when it comes together. It's beautiful to see.

While Ibiza is an open-minded destination, it can sometimes feel like the LBGTQIA crowd is being pushed aside. At Glitterbox it doesn't matter. Nobody cares about your sexuality - all are welcome.

Everybody is happy, smiling, talking to the person next to them. The boys chase the girls, the boys chase the boys, and the girls do whatever they want.

One big take away from the night was I had a night in the Club Room that I feel I can really enthuse about.

Glitterbox has transformed the room with fluorescent graffiti, making it feel more like a New York basement. DJ Harvey opened the room with his usual brilliant selections. It was warming to see people who probably never heard him play before get struck down by his majesty.

Later on, Dan Shake absolutely nailed his set. It was fast, hard but still that over the top Glitterbox style. For me it was the stand out set of the whole night.

Alexandra, 29, Watford

Sunday at Glitterbox was a hugely enjoyable first night back on the White Isle. I couldn't take my eyes off the fierce dancers as we frolicked along to some brilliant DJ sets. The night belongs to lovers and attracts a great mixed crowd.

We even briefly managed to gatecrash somebody's VIP teepee before security showed us our marching orders! Perhaps somebody should have told them that Glitterbox is all about the love. Not be be disheartened by our ticking off, we hit the dancefloor with gay abandon.

Ben, 35, London

After a two year Ibiza hiatus, 2022 was the year I was able to resume my annual Ibiza pilgrimage. The sun was shining and I could feel the buzz from the moment my feet hit the tarmac.

After some deliberation among my companions, we decided Glitterbox would be our first excursion into the night. Tingling in the extremities and with butterflies in my stomach, a feeling of anticipation occupied my thoughts on our approach to the entrance.

Would the night live up to the expectations of a 15 year Ibiza veteran?

Thankfully, the night surpassed these expectations from every possible angle.

The party loving, easy going, no attitude crowd bopped the night away to the likes of Harvey, Smokin' Jo and Dave Lee. These amazing DJs led the crowd on a musical dance right through to the early hours.

A special thanks must go to the many Hï Ibiza staff, who worked continuously through the night to keep the club secure, toilets clean and many bars fully staffed at all times. Job well done.

Nick, 31, London

Breaking away from our usual Sunday spot at Solomun +1, last night turned into a hugely enjoyable alternative at Glitterbox. Upon arrival, The Theatre was in full glory with Art Of Tones smashing out some classics and DJ Harvey playing his unique style next door.

With a varied cross-section of people in the crowd and performing alike; inclusivity and unity stand out to make this one of the most fun nights I've ever had on the island. Not only did we make new friends chatting in the Secret Garden, but Smokin' Jo's set in the Wild Corner was electric and a top highlight from this trip so far.

Guys, you've got the job! Whenever you're in town, we're happy for you to fill our boots on any night of the week you want. Though by the sounds of things, we've got an inkling where you might be headed...

Five more sequinned-filled Sundays remain at Hï Ibiza in 2022. The number of opportunities to party might be dwindling, but the talent most certainly isn't.

Across those five dates you can still catch Artwork, Danny Tenaglia, Derrick Carter, Dimitri From Paris, Jayda G, Kiddy Smile, Krystal Klear and more DJ Harvey, to name but a few.

Boogie on below to find those inclusive tickets and full line-ups.

WORDS | by Andy Young, Alexandra Whittaker, Benjamin Lucas and Nicholas Player

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