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A magical opening party for WooMooN

It's back at Cova Santa.

Ibiza is recognised and loved worldwide also for its spiritual side. Hippies have been a part of the island from the start, contributing to the island's reputation as a free-spirited land. One of the events that best encapsulates this feeling is WooMooN.

Favourite to many, the party is deemed one of the venue's best. I had to check out the opening party.

Burrowed in San José hills, Amnesia's love-child Cova Santa hosts various parties. Each has undeniably helped the venue claim its throne as one of Ibiza's go-to party destinations.

As a Cova Santa virgin, I did my research and received the nonconformist dress-code memo. I was certainly not the only one clad in bohemian style clothing. Even the venue was decked in way-out attire.

On entering I realised that music was not WooMooN's only appeal. Food stalls, pop-up shops, hair-braiding booths and tattooing stations were just a few of the night's attractions - all before even hitting the main stage!

After getting off to a pretty impressive start, the night didn't let me down musically, quite the opposite. In a perfect combination, live music and DJ acts made up the evening, accompanied by dancers, art and good vibes.

Following artists such as Landikhan and Sahalé was Monolink. The German DJ began his live set at 20:30 just as I settled into the surroundings. His unique style combining vocals, instruments and ambient sounds immediately stole my heart.

Sirens (Extended Version) by Monolink himself made for a memorable moment. In awe, people danced and in the first time in ages I saw no mobile phones in sight. This is what Ibiza is all about.

To say it was busy is an understatement. You could find people in all of Cova Santa's nooks and crannies. After a good explorative round, I discovered the indoor club room nestled below Cova Santa's main stage.

Though slightly less busy, the vibe in there never wavered. Contemporary and minimal techno was this room's theme and I thankfully caught a glimpse of Valentín Huedo's set. His track Moon Beach has stuck with me since due to its tranquil flare. Check it out.

On my trek back to the main stage, I came across a small circle of folk. Like some sort of tribal gathering or ceremony, it featured a man at the centre playing both acoustic and electronic music.

Leaving me clueless as to what I would come across next, WooMooN continued to be full of surprises. If you fancy something different, this without a doubt the event for you.

By 22:00 it was time for Rampue, a WooMooN regular and pro. Though his set list was relaxing for the most part, it certainly kept people on their feet.

For a taste of the atmosphere, check out one of his played tracks, David Hasert & Matteo Luis 's The Takeoff feat Shiah (Rampue Remix).

Towards the end of his set, the crowd's attention was turned to a stage directly opposite the DJ stand. Dancers in full metallic costumes put on a pretty amazing show whilst trapeze artists swung from a height.

Leaving little to the imagination, WooMooN's outside portion of the night surely didn't disappoint, offering goers a true glimpse into Ibiza spirit.

As things drew up on the main stage, the party manoeuvred downstairs into the cave-like quarters below.

On the line up was Anastacia, former Blond:ish member and devout techno queen alongside others like Chaim and Brian Knauss. Each offering a slice of techno for desert, the artists finished off the night and left me and everyone else gagging for more.

To witness the magic for yourself, be sure to give our party calendar a look. Head below to find tickets, line-ups and more information on the Ibizan phenomenon WooMooN.

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