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What's so great about partying on Ibiza?

Ibiza packs heart, soul, magic and madness into every corner of the island.

If you've never been to the White Isle, you're probably wondering why everyone gets so hyped about the place. Confused as to what it is that makes Ibiza different from all the other party destinations around the globe? Well, Ibiza holds something special, which is actually quite hard to describe, but I'll give it a shot.

Ibiza is a magical place of sun, sea, music and madness that you will never be able to forget. Here are but a few things which give Ibiza its well-deserved top stop on the ever-growing list of party destinations.

The superclubs

It's a given. The clubs here on Ibiza are famously known to be some of the best in the world. Even with their fame, the venues create a special atmosphere for every event they host. Every club has its own signature feel to it, adding something unique to the party calendar every single day and night of the week.

The experience simply exceeds your average club. From feeling like you're at a festival every time you visit Ushuaïa to the deep dark depths of The Basement of Sankeys, the production that these clubs bring to the table will leave you in awe.

Seeing the sunrise light flood the air inside a super club is one of the best feelings to be had on the island. Being surrounded by fellow ravers, knowing that you've shared a night you will always remember is unbeatable. You can experience this on the Terrace at Amnesia, the Vista Club at Privilege and even The Club room at Hï Ibiza.

The other clubs

Yes, the superclubs do roll off the tongue when asked ‘what's so good about Ibiza?' But let's remember the other clubs, too. By this I mean the day parties, the lounge beach bars, the pool parties and the open-air venues. Some great parties are held in small venues dotted all over the island.

San Antonio is home to venues such as Ocean Beach and Café Mambo. Both are Ibiza classics and offer a super time. Not to mention boat parties. Riding the Med with a drink in hand, class DJ spinning the tunes and finishing it off with the famous sunset, talk about perfect.

Discovering your favourite day party is also a fun part to Ibiza. Whether that be drinking champagne at Blue Marlin or a 6-pack of cans heading to Bora Bora Beach. You will always find variety in a beautiful settings with incredible music.

The music

No matter if you're planning a night at Amnesia or heading to dock a boat party, the line-ups of Ibiza are class. Not only for the tech-house obsessed, Ibiza oozes variety.

Ibiza is more than varied sounds. It has the best of any sound you could ask for. If underground electronic music runs through your veins, you have many options, such as Cocoon, Music On and Hyte at Amnesia, In The Dark at Hï Ibiza, Afterlife at Privilege, Ants at Ushuaïa and Mosaic or Soloumun +1 at Pacha are all good to donate blood.

If that tropical house is what gets you hot, then Paradise at DC10 is what you will orbit around. If all you crave is singalong classics you need to take a bite into My House by Martin Solveig at Pacha.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled to catch some of your favourite DJs play up close and personal across the island. Things can get pretty special on board the Lost In Ibiza or IBZ boat party.

Café Mambo hosts pre-parties for Pacha every evening, where you can see some of your favourites play for free. Catch one-off line-ups with some of your faves collaborating for one night only, but as we told you, keep your finger on the pulse.

The list goes on and on. The possibilities are endless. Take a peek at our party calendar for the complete schedule of all the parties on the island.

The People

You are going to make friends on this island. They will consist of like-minded souls from across the globe. They will all contribute to your experience on this island, making it better than you could have imagined. When people who are passionate about the same thing congregate in one place, magic happens.

You could make friends with seasonal workers or natives, and from there have friends on the island to visit every year. You could meet tourists who you end up holidaying with the following years to come, or maybe even fall in love. There are a fair few of Ibizan weddings every year, too. No pressure.

Talk to people, they could help you discover parts to the island you've never ventured to yet. Or parties you've never even heard of. Ibiza is always evolving, being a part of the community will always benefit.

The Beauty

After or maybe even before all the partying, take a moment to look around you. This island is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Take time to appreciate the environment that merges method with madness.

Keep in mind that the island isn't a club. It is still a place where people live and come to create. Don't take for granted the place people have built up into what we know it today. You have to help keep the soul to the island.

Enjoy your time here no matter what you end up doing. Take a look around our Ibiza guide to help you explore more of the island.

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