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Ibiza soundtrack June 2017

We've got this month's hottest club tunes in one list.

The month of June is done and dusted, which means that the Ibiza season is now in full swing. DJs opened their parties at maximum speed, ensuring that they set the tone for what is to come the rest of the season. We attended a number of these opening parties, and got a right good knocking in the process - perhaps a little too much for our wee ears to handle. That being said, we've compiled the top 10 club tracks the month of June has offered us. Some of them are new, some of them are old but they are all bona fide bangers.

Daniel Stefanik / Deep Inside

No matter where you go on the island you're going to hear edits and samples of Hardrive's 1994 classic Deep Inside. However, Daniel Stefanik's revival of the tune gets the mark here due to the fact that he gave it an official face-lift. The German brings the two-decade-old anthem up to speed with some jungle beats and rhythms for a tech-house bomber. This one was heard at Amnesia's Together, The Zoo Project, Laidback Luke's techno takedown with Taste The Punch and Pukka Up's Tropical Wonderland, among more. Expect to hear it at any other tech-fueled fiestas.

Johannes Heil / Exile 007 A1

Okay, so it's hard to include just one of the tracks taken from Johannes Heil's Exile 007 EP. Two have been making their rounds and slaying the clubs, but we're leaving you with A1 for starters. The EP package has an old school '90s feel to it as they feature some piercing trance-like elements that put you in a hypnotic groove. These are already Amnesia favorites, with A1 being played at Cocoon and B2 thrown down at HYTE.

Henrik Schwarz / Not Also You

After taking a hiatus for three or so years from producing any music, German Henrik Schwarz finally makes his return with an absolute reaper of a track in Not Also You. The gritty synths in this track are rude and abrasive, smacking you in the face upon first listen. The vocals are just as catchy, with the narrator groaning “Come on man, not you man, ughhh,” in a way that will be hard not emulate when looking at your pal on the floor of Amnesia. Sven Väth is a big fan and it's likely that this will be dug out again and again at Cocoon.

Patrice Bäumel / Glutes

Sometimes a track slaps you across the face, and sometimes a track creeps through the room, slyly wriggles its ways into your ears and tingles down your spine. Patrice Bäumel's Glutes is the latter, slithering its way up and down your body as the smooth bass line continually crescendos up, before falling back down. The reverberating line is spell-binding, reeling you in deep before you even realize you've been caught. You'll be dancing to this one, and you can trust that you'll be feeling it in your glutes. Heard everywhere from Privilege, Pacha, Amnesia and Hï Ibiza.

Secret Cinema & Egbert / Maximaal

This one may been out for almost a year now but that doesn't mean it still does not slam when it's played, evident as RUMORS went wild at Destino when Sven Väth threw this down. Maximaal is a peak time track, made for when the club is at its highest gear. The synths cut through you in a manner that isn't so clean and dry, instead making you feel every bit of the grinding slice and you'll love every second of it.

Ed Sheeran / Shape Of You (W&W Festival Mix vs. Hardwell Bigroom Edit)

As most of you are aware, the island isn't all just techno and house, as mainstream electronic music's global dominance is just as strong. Make your way to Amnesia for BlackOut or Ushuaïa for the Garden of Madness and you're sure to hear this banger at least once. Admittedly this edit may be a guilty pleasure, as who doesn't like singing along to Ed Sheeran's Shape of You? Hardwell and W&W did this one right, making it ready for open-air venues as well as the biggest rooms - Ha see what I did there?

Maceo Plex & Swayzak / 5th Dimensional Groove

This one is relatively new but it's already beginning to make its way around the White Isle. We heard it first when Maceo Plex went B2B with Tale Of Us at IMS, and he's been throwing it in his sets since. Dark and a bit haunting, 5th Dimensional Groove leads you down a path that you're initially precautious to travel down, as the different sounds that strike in and out startle you ever so slightly. However, once you're halfway through, the rhythm picks back up and you realise you found it; you found that groove you were looking for and you're exactly where you're supposed to be.

Rampa / Bimma

Our next tune comes to us courtesy of Germany's Rampa. An exotic track that takes inspiration from African tribal rhythms, Bimma is one of the hottest songs on Ibiza right now, getting plays at a myriad of different parties. Solomun loves throwing this one down in the middle of his sets and when he does he has the crowd in his control. Expect to hear more of Bimma for some time.

Undercatt / Futura

This is another one that has a few months under its belt now, but it's still banging in places like Hï Ibiza, with Kolsch playing it during the opening of In The Dark. The melody is straightforward but soothing, as the track unwaveringly progresses throughout. This is a deep house masterpiece that can be expected to close out a number sets while you are here.

Franky Rizardo / Same Man

To close out this list we have Franky Rizardo's Same Man, which has just been smashing its way around the White Isle this month. This tech-house gem has been played at parties like Eden's Defected, where clubbers have been moving and grooving non stop. The melody is just so hard not to bounce to as it is so infectious. Don't believe me? Take a listen and I'm sure you'll understand.

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