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Ibiza Virgins' Guide: When to go to Ibiza?

Choosing your month!

Welcome to the Ibiza Virgins' Guide! A fool-proof manual on how to run the gauntlet that is this magical paradise and world clubbers' capital. Whether you are here to party, have an action packed family holiday, or a super-chilled romantic break, our aim is to reveal all our insider knowledge to help make your trip an absolute breeze.

Okay - first things first. You've decided you want to go to Ibiza for a holiday, but what is the best time of year? Different times of the year are, of course, better for some kinds of holidays than others. What will the crowds be like? Will accommodation be expensive? Here's our at-a-glance menu...


The weather is touching the mid-20s, the sunbeds are all out and the air of anticipation is palpable. May marks the end of the winter and the start of the new season and is a fantastic time to visit the island if you want to chill. The beach bars are open and the towns are alive with activity. Pacha is open on a weekend already, plus Underground and most of the sunset strip. A nice introduction to the summer without the hecticness of the high-season. And, of course, at the end of the month is opening weekend! Book early and plan carefully! Ibiza summer starts right here!


This is when action on the island really starts to heat up, both in terms of the weather and the clubbing calendar. By mid-June, all the major club nights have kicked off (see the Ibiza Spotlight Clubbing calendar for details) and hotels start to fill up. Booking accommodation and car hire well in advance is a must! San Antonio and Playa d'en Bossa come alive and the average age is 20-35. This is what Ibiza is all about! June is the perfect time for clubbing as there are less tourists on the island, so long-weekends are brilliant if you can get away.


As temperatures start to hit the 30s, the island gets busier. All the clubs are open and the beaches are busy, but with the 24 hour nightlife in full swing, you can still spend a week on the island partying from dusk till dawn. Alternatively, if you are coming with a family, resorts and beach bars cater for people with children and organise special activites to give mums and dads a rest.


Arguably the craziest month of the year for Ibiza! There is no shortage of parties to go to and music fills the air! And it's hot. Damn hot. This can be really intense for some, but if clubbing is your main focus, then who cares! Choose a hotel with a pool! Dance on the beach! Just remember to keep hydrated. For families again wanting to enjoy the school holidays, Santa Eulalia, Portinatx and Es Canar are three of the areas that will help to keep your kids engaged with pedalos on the beach, water parks and go-karting amongst other exciting activities!


This month sees a shift from families to more clubbers, with the weather easing off just slightly. The sea is warm and the island breathes a bit of a sigh. Clubs and parties reach their crescendo in September and the Closing Party week is high-octane and bags of fun. In contrast to July and August, the crowds are of a slightly older age, but no less into partying! It's easier to find a spot on the beach and traffic becomes bearable again!


The official end to the Ibiza summer season, October sees most of the clubs shutting or shut, apart from Pacha, which stays open on a weekend all year round. The beach bars and restaurants are still fully functional though and you will find that the energy on the island is positively buzzing as workers and islanders enjoy their fruits of the summer and prices ease off. And if you stick around long enough, you may get to experience the island's ‘unofficial' closing on Halloween. There are some legendary parties that take place this month!

November - April

Arguably the quietest months of the year, the weather is chillier and a lot of the businesses and clubs are closed, as proprietors and workers escape the island for a recharge and a bit of sunshine. However, the landscapes are wild, the roads all but dead and you can hire a car for under €5 per day. With direct flights only coming in from London City operated by BA, you can alternatively fly in via Barcelona, and with a bit of planning, get a highly affordable return flight which includes enough time to have a lunch in Barcelona itself! Bonus! Airbnbs and the few hotels that are open are super-cheap, making an out of season getaway highly affordable and just gorgeous. Bring woollies, hiking boots and an empty stomach. You will discover that many of the local restaurants, tapas joints and bars are still functioning and you will get the chance to discover the raw and unadulterated beauty of the island.

WORDS | Leena Sharma

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