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Festa de sa Sitja - Lighting of the Sitja

13th edition of the Santa Agnés local festive and ethnographic celebration.


Fri 24 Feb, 2023, Sat 25 Feb, 2023, Sun 26 Feb, 2023
From: 10:00


The central theme of this event taking place from 24 to 26 February is the teaching of the technic of producing charcoal, lime or pitch.

Fore this a charcoal oven has previously been prepared and filled with wood by the villagers and is ceremonially lit on this day, "Encendido de la sitja". It is then tended over several days & nights until the charcoal is ready.

Throughout the weekend, the typical pastry with 'sobrassada' (spiced sausage) will be made in a wood-fired oven.

Also part of the programme is a dry stone wall restoration workshop given by Vicent Serra, Palermet.

There will also be an exhibition of classic vehicles and old and modern agricultural machinery. On the Sunday there will be a big paella made, a handicraft market and dancing & singing featuring the local dance troupe.

Hero image by Periódico de Ibiza

Santa Agnès, Ibiza

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