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Spotlight's 2012 Mid-Season Clubbing Report

We're at half time of the summer - time to reflect!

By Spotlight

While the White Isle is literally baking in the August heat, we take a quick time out after a hectic and extremely busy BBC Radio 1 Ibiza Weekend and look back at the first part of the 2012 clubbing season.

First things first. It would be folly to think Ibiza wouldn't notice anything of the general economic situation in Europe. Especially countries like Spain and Italy are facing hard times and therefore many a holidaymaker's budget is a bit limited. Don't think numbers are massively down though - some people just spend less while they're here, while others spend more than ever! At the same time, it needs to be said that Ibiza is surely the destination in the Med that's least affected by the economic situation. Also, while there might be less Spaniards and Italians on the island this summer, the number of overseas travellers, especially from the United States and Australia, is constantly rising. 

So after a very nice season start with the IMS and all of the opening parties, a great first edition of the Ibiza 123 Festival (with a huge potential to grow over the next few years), we're now in August and it is just as busy as ever; loads of traffic (and not enough parking space), crowded beaches everywhere and packed clubs on most nights! Let's now have a look at every night of the week to see how are things in Ibiza 2012...


Traditionally one of the biggest nights of the week in Ibiza, Mondays are no different this year. Some big news of this season was Armin's move to Privilege with his ASOT night and Tiësto descending down from San Rafael to Ibiza town and installing himself in Pacha. Both nights are doing really well, even though the first Tiësto gigs weren't sold out (now they mostly are!). For those that still don't know, Tiësto's sound isn't that trancey anymore, but he's just as successful as before and has the Pacha crowd firmly under control. If you want it to be real trance try out ASOT, which will have its season climax next Monday 13th August with the AvB solo in the Main Room. Ushuaïa this summer has parties set up for 6 out of 7 nights a week during July and August and Mondays belong to Monsieur FMIF David Guetta. Chap was there last week, so read his review on how it was! On the underground side of things, Circo Loco at DC-10 is packed on most Mondays with quality line ups throughout the whole season. I personally think, however, that it's just much less loco than before and thus less unique. Last but not least, Cocoon at Amnesia had somewhat of a quiet start into the summer, but has now regained standard numbers (which means packed in August). Do the two new nights ENTER. (at Space) and Music On (at Amnesia) affect Cocoon? Yes, I think they do. Read on for that. 


Tuesday nights belong to Carl Cox. There is no change in this general rule this year, perhaps partly because Space's neighbour Ushuaïa has a day off on Tuesday. Tuesday daytime well and truly belongs to Spotlight's fave boat parties, Pukka Up. Other than that, Together at Amnesia has been doing extremely well right from the start of the season and is surely one of the fast climbers of this summer. Over in San An, it looks like Ibiza Live might take over the term "San An's busiest night of the week" from Judgement Sundays at Eden. Also a novelty this year, Flower Power at Pacha is now happening on a weekly basis during July and August. While some moaned "it won't be as special as before", it needs to be said that now many people finally can attend this party who, in earlier years, always were unlucky with their Ibiza dates. Is it busy? Oh yeah. Spotlight's complete clubbing team was there last week and we had a brilliant night! Let's also not forget Diynamic's Neon Night at Sankeys, one out of three really successful nights at Sankeys this summer and with top notch quality music...Hannah's a fan!.


Midweek in Ibiza has a few less headliners than on other days, but a very interesting choice of events none the less. Speaking of headliners, the Swedes' residency at Ushuaïa has been a record breaking event for the venue so far, especially the two dates with the full SHM trio (4th July and 1st August) meant complete mayhem in Playa d'en Bossa. Expect no different for their closing party on 29th August, when the full trio will be there one more time. Also in Playa d'en Bossa, Steve Lawler's Viva Warriors at Sankeys is a completely different story music wise compared to the SHM (I'll let you decide which one is better), but they've also firmly put their mark on this summer's clubbing calendar and it is a very recommendable night to go to in my humble opinion. Pacha has belonged to Erick Morillo on Wednesdays for a long time already and his Subliminal nights just keep on giving! The most exciting event on Wednesdays, however, is definitely Ibiza Rocks. Their line ups are better than ever and we take our hats off to the IR guys for successfully bringing live music back to Ibiza over the course of the last 7 years!


The biggest night of the week in Ibiza. The choice and density of headliners is immense. Cream at Amnesia has been the top selling event for years and is a must-do for most holidaymakers. Numbers this year are higher than ever, and not without reason if you look at their line ups! Then there are two new nights which are shaking up things quite ferociously on a Thursday in Ibiza: ENTER. at Space and Hot Creations' Paradise night at DC-10. Both nights had a very successful start - something you can't take for granted when doing the first season in Ibiza - and both nights also have something that some others don't: they just feel FRESH. Richie Hawtin's ENTER. at Space has the best concept of all Ibiza parties hands down and perfectly fits the club. The early start in El Salon (first headliner starts at 10:30pm) is another great detail - we love it. Also Paradise at DC-10 gets a lot of good feedback and is obviously a hub for all the trendy people (and vests). Then David Guetta has his second FMIF slot of the week, this time at Pacha, which is just as packed as in Ushuaïa on Mondays. Speaking of Ushuaïa, Thursdays belong to Luciano; the former underground hero nowadays plays very accessible sounds to the mainstream and the crowds love it.           


There are again two new nights on the island which mix things up nicely: We Are Rockstars at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Ibiza Rocks' take on electronic music, and Music On at Amnesia, Marco Carola's new night. Carola's departure from Cocoon was another big novelty for this summer and his new night, together with the aforementioned new ENTER. at Space on Thursdays, generates some real competition for Cocoon and the like. Music On wasn't packed in the beginning - in fact, whilst the terrace always worked perfectly well, the main room was a bit of an issue. But now that we're in high season and everyone knows about the party things are running well everywhere. Amnesia's neighbour Privilege holds SuperMartXé on Fridays; it's been their busiest night for a good few years already and so it remains this summer. Jordan and Chap were blown away by the show when they were sent to review the night! :-) Pure Pacha is All Gone Pete Tong this year and Pete brings some of the best guests to Pacha this summer. The crowds appreciate it - very very busy! Having so much going on in San Antonio, San Rafael and Ibiza Town, things in Playa d'en Bossa are maybe a bit quieter on Friday nights: Space's new night Beat & Raw has already seen Cypress Hill and Morcheeba performing live (amongst others) and on the other side of the road, Sasha presents "Never Say Never" at Ushuaïa, in my opinion the night with the best line ups out of all of them at said venue, but neither parties have been rammed so far this summer. Possibly a victim of the new Thursday Paradise night success at DC-10 is Tania Vulcano's Pandemonium Friday, which got cancelled after a few weeks.  


As all the locals go out on this day, Saturday is quite a Spanish affair. Matinée at Amnesia has been doing well for years (read George's review and you will want to go!) and Café Olé at Space is also very popular with the locals. There has been another addition in terms of Spanish nights this year, which is very recommendable on an international level - El Row at Privilege. Only happening in Vista Club (the refurbished Coco Loco and La Vaca rooms now together), this party shows you how Circo Loco used to be a few years ago. Defected at Pacha has some really good line ups this year and is one of the longest running nights at the club - another sign of quality. In San Antonio, Hed Kandi is surely Es Paradis' busiest night of the week and HK's 10 years celebrations have been great so far! Also on that side of the island, The Zoo Project at Gala Night is not a secret hint anymore, but a funny afternoon and evening out in a great open air venue. And don't forget about Carnival, the third really good running night at Sankeys with great line ups!


The main playground for the last day of the week is Playa d'en Bossa. Bora Bora is mostly busiest on Sundays, Avicii at Ushuaïa had an extremely successful launch and most importantly, there is We Love at Space. If you look through their line ups you will notice two things: first, there are hardly any commercial artists and second, each Sunday's line up is as good as any festival's! Despite this, maybe because of not having many commercial artists or more likely because of Avicii next door, We Love hasn't been completely rammed so far this year. I just went last Sunday again, though, and I think it was the busiest Sunday so far this summer (Deetron and James Zabiela in the Discoteca were simply amazing). Cadenza at Pacha is also running well and we thought Luciano played fewer hits and more gems there compared to his Ushuaïa shows when we went. 

Apart from all mentioned events, let's not forget about long time running parties like La Troya at Amnesia, The Face Of Ibiza at Privilege and also Be at Space. Those are examples of nights which might not seem as spectacular as others, but which are still running well year after year. 

Predictions for the second part of the season? Well, August will be very busy everywhere as stated in the intro. September will be a great month as always with more space on the island and brilliant parties everywhere; most of the clubs are already very busy setting up their closing parties. The closing parties of Space, Ushuaïa and Sankeys are already on sale. Amnesia will most probably have another monster closing fiesta starting Saturday night 6th October and going well into Sunday 7th October (to be confirmed soon, with ticket pre sales as well of course). More info about Privilege, Eden and Es Paradis closing parties to follow soon. 

We at Spotlight are excited about the second half of the season and are already looking forward to the closing party period! 


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