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Sven Väth presents Catharsis - Club Chinois

At Club Chinois. Sven Väth presents two intimate showcases of his new album.


After playing almost weekly for many years, Sven Väth is subscribing to a "less is more" mentality in 2022. The German maestro is picking and choosing his Ibiza dates this summer, spreading them throughout summer and across various venues.

Two dates which instantly demand your attention are his appearances at Club Chinois, the new nightclub in Ibiza Marina replacing HEART.

Called Catharsis, the name of his first album in 20 years, these intimate parties are set to put the legendary DJ up-close-and-personal in front of a clued-up audience.

Playing music from the album and a wide repertoire of the tracks he loves, these could be the best Sven gigs of the year.

The dates for your diary are Tuesday 21 June and Tuesday 27 September - one at either end of summer.

See below for tickets.

Venue: Club Chinois

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