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Sunset magic at Las Dalias with the legendary Sven Väth

Papa's monthly escapade to the hippy hangout is this Thursday.

This week, legendary DJ Sven Väth continues his monthly Catharsis residency at Las Dalias. These special jaunts in the north of the island have become one of Ibiza's best kept secrets since the first in August last summer.

Little known outside of the island community and off the beaten track, Las Dalias always attracts a close-knit crowd. It's a place for fans who are totally absorbed in their music. Add the old Cocoon brigade and you have one of the most passionate, welcoming and altruistic dancefloors found anywhere on the planet. The outdoor vibes are unmatched.

Much like the Cocoon afterhours of old, this is an opportunity to catch Sven in a different light.

Digging deep and playing a wider range of his vast record collection, you get all shades from the melodic to the groovy to the downright trippy, with a sprinkling of classics (hello Knight Of The Jaguar).

Past editions have been notable for music from DJ Koze, Róisín Murphy, Damiano von Erckhert and Bicep, but who can guess at what Sven has in store this time? It's always a journey.

The sun setting and the warm Balearic air create a heady atmosphere as Sven picks his vinyl and works up and down the gears, priming everyone for a more rigorous workout once we move inside.

A blanket of bubbles drift over the crowd before cascading up to the heavens. As we reach the crescendo, Sven gives us a taste of the nocturnal offerings in store, ending on an exclamation mark. It's not really the end though…

By night, we decant into intimate Akasha and get the full Sven treatment. The Techno comes out and we hear his favourite pounders from Raxon, Josh Wink, Planetary Assault Systems and, we're sure, several tracks from his Catharsis album, remixed and re-released for 2023.

In many ways, Catharsis is like the old Cocoon and obligatory afters in reverse. Instead of decompressing and winding us down, Sven is now warming us up. A true master in a magical location.

No wonder the hippy movement of the '60s chose Las Dalias as their commune.

Whether you take your leave after the garden shuts at midnight or are one of the fortunate 250 who carry on inside Akasha until the morning, the one constant is that you'll be leaving with a grin stretched across your face.


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