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The crowd at Catharsis harks back to the good old days

During times of homogenisation and brand sponsorship, community-led dancefloors have never been so important.

Ardently, we don't subscribe to the militant "it was better back in my day" line here at Ibiza Spotlight. Things change: trends, fashion, music, technology. You can move with the times or stagnate and be bitter about it. However, we cannot overlook general consensus either.

The consensus being that Sven Väth still draws some of the best crowds in the world.

As we approach the penultimate date of his Catharsis series at Las Dalias, it's the fans instead of the DJ we are putting under the spotlight.

Sven Väth presents Catharsis | Akasha | Las Dalias

Like we've said in the past, in many ways, the garden at Las Dalias for Catharsis echoes the vibe of the Cocoon after parties of old. Certainly, there are lots of the veteran Cocoon brigade in attendance. Some passions never die.

What that means is you're assured of finding happy, smiling faces, old friends embracing, warm encounters with strangers, a great dancefloor atmosphere and only isolated instances of people filming on phones. The Cocooners come out to play and you can really tell.

With our master and commander Papa Sven at the controls, you needn't worry about the music selection either.

While he does tend to play harder once inside Akasha after 23:00, the garden is reserved for softer, more melodic tracks - and a handful of classics. Again, very much like those infamous Cocoon afters.

The good old days

Down the years, our forum has been a Sven stronghold and that remains the case. It only felt right that we involve our members, asking them to provide their favourite memories. Who knows, maybe we'll hear some of these tracks on Thursday?

"(I recall the) Cocoon afters at Benimussa Park (now 528 Ibiza), early October 2016. Incredible party with Sven and other guests. It was Africa-themed, I remember. Sven did a speech minutes before closing: 'This is the magic of Ibiza, it's October and we are dancing together under the stars'. One of the best parties I have ever attended."

- giorgioa, Italy, member since 2014

"Cocoon afters was sensational. When Sven first came on with that deep percussive track with the sun blazing and the smoke machines on overdrive, clouding out the jungle decor, it was the stuff of dreams. Been trying to get to that party for years and it lived up to expectations."

- elmooreo, UK, member since 2013

"I look back on them as the best Ibiza parties I ever witnessed. First time, I was lucky enough to attend one next to Es Cavallet around 2013, where Richie Hawtin and Dubfire were also playing. Also amazing was the afters which took place at Sal Rossa, so it was literally a rave on the beach. That was quite special and I met a nice girl there to top it off."

- Willamette, Germany, member since 2010

"I've been fortunate enough to attend many Cocoon after hours, but there was something special about Benimussa Park after the Cocoon20 closing at Amnesia. When I think of that night, I think of Sven playing Togetha by Phonogenic - peak of the afters from day into night, the togetherness of the crowd and Sven all as one, everyone deep into the party and the fitting lyrics "we've got to work together" as we danced under the night sky. One of those classic Cocoon moments you just simply couldn't have anywhere else in the world."

- LP_IBIZA, UK, member since 2015

"I was 18 or 19 and had already been going out a lot in Belgian clubs for two years. Older friends took me with them to Ibiza in 2002 to see Sven. I was lucky to be invited to some incredible after-parties that changed my life. I remember places like S'Estanyol, Sol d'en Serra and the biggest one later in Punta Arabi. These were amazing times I will never forget."

- greg1183, Belgium, member since 2013

"Early 2000s, there was one nuts Cocoon afters, miles around San An Bay or further and everyone was there. Pretty much every DJ at the time, outdoors, netting as a roof, Sven clearly enjoying himself. What a time." - Buckley, UK, member since 2003

"I can't remember how many Cocoon afters I've done, but a lot of them still belong in the top ten parties of my life. I've attended two afters at The Kave which were superb. And then the first one they did at Destino (2013, I believe) was one hell of a party. They repeated the year after, but the surprise effect of the first one was great. Oh my, what good days we had!"

- stivi, Switzerland, Balearic Outdoor Adventures/ex-Ibiza Spotlight clubbing jefe

Sven Väth presents Catharsis | Akasha | Las Dalias

During times of homogenisation, brand sponsorship and apathy, community-led dancefloors have never been more important.

What say we make more outdoor memories with Sven this September? We're game.

Sadly, such is the appeal and limited capacity of this party, club-access tickets have long since sold out. However, you can still enjoy the magic of the garden by heading below and sweeping up the last few tickets.


Sven Väth presents Catharsis listings - 2023

Las Dalias - Akasha

Sven Väth presents We Only Come Out At Night (& Day)

Las Dalias - Akasha

Sven Väth presents Catharsis Opening Party

Las Dalias - Akasha

Sven Väth presents Catharsis

Las Dalias - Akasha

Sven Väth presents Catharsis

Las Dalias - Akasha

Sven Väth presents Catharsis

Las Dalias - Akasha

Sven Väth presents Catharsis Closing Party

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