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Akasha Springtime Parties -

. The summer is on Akasha's doorstep...


After a brief winter hiatus, Las Dalias' new on site club Akasha is back with a spring programme building towards its first summer.

Despite only opening in the fall of last year, Akasha has been taken into the hearts of island residents. The new space offers a space that not only allows guests to live in the moment, but to expand your existence and connect your soul with that of your fellow man.

This spring, artists such as Roy Rosenfeld, Matthias Meyer, Lost Desert, Nick Warren, Valentín Huedo, LUM and creative director Igor Marijuán all return.

This all points to an exciting 2022 ahead for Ibiza's newest events space.

See below for tickets and confirmed line-ups.


  1. Ibiza Spotlight is the exclusive online ticket partner for Akasha
  2. Online tickets are always 5 EUR cheaper than on the door.
  3. The venue is small and for the bigger events will usually sell out.


Akasha Springtime Parties - Latest news

Los residentes | Gustin

Los residentes | Gustin

22 April 2022

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