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Marco Carola cues up mega Friday at Pacha

Music On adds Luciano to join the talisman alongside Enzo Siragusa on 23 September.

Despite having a record-breaking summer at Pacha, Marco Carola is not taking his foot off the gas just yet.

Music On's imposing general has just reinforced the line-up for Friday 23 September, by adding Luciano to the fray. A magician behind the decks, Luciano always seems to reserve his most magical performances for Pacha. He really does have a special bond with the club.

As if this last minute addition wasn't salivating enough, Luciano and Carola will go back-to-back. Clearly attendees are in for a treat.

Two of the original champions of the late noughties Minimal movement coming together under one roof. We can only speculate at the groovers these two are going be laying down. Need more evidence? Then check-out this b2b from the pair from earlier this year.

Friday's late call-up takes the Swiss-Chilean's Music On appearances up from two to three this season; four if you include his invitation to Destino.

Far from being all, there's also the exciting prospect of Enzo Siragusa. Not only will Enzo be making his first Pacha appearance of summer, but his first in many years.

FUSE's top dog likes to spread himself about. After playing pretty much everywhere else on the island, the Deep-Tech star gets to tick another off the list.

All signs point to Music On finishing the summer much like it started. Namely, by packing out Pacha and leaving its die-hard fans desperate for more.

Of course, it isn't only Pacha that Music On has to contend with. Marco Carola's armoured vehicles moves into Destino to take charge of its Closing Party on 14 October.

That's a special day and night edition, as we roll through to the Music On closing party afterwards. Nobody does a marathon quite like Music On.

Judging by the plans in motion, the marathon has already begun. Marco Carola is ploughing a path of destruction between here and the end of season.

Tickets for Friday's super-sized party with Carola, Luciano and Enzo Siragusa can be purchased below. For Destino Closing Party tickets and info, please head here.

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