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Ibiza night-time curfew ends

Fantastic news at last!

We have just received the very welcome news that the Supreme Court of Spain has annulled the night-time curfew imposed by the Govern Balear, with immediate effect. It has also decreed that the limit to the number of people who can meet on the Balearic Islands is also lifted.

The curfew, which has been in place since October, was originally planned to end at the weekend, but it now ends tonight, Thursday 3 June, instead.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the measure is ‘not in proportion to the epidemiological situation on the islands.

It is worth bearing in mind that the Govern Balear still has the jurisdiction to limit the amount of people per table in the restaurants and venues, as well as the opening hours.

Our next Coronavirus Update will be out tomorrow, with more information of the changing situation.

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