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A journey to Planet Claire with Apollonia

The newest Sunday night residency takes over Octan’s Lab. 

After showing the island they are more than capable, trio Dan Ghenacia, Shonky and Dyed Soundorom - AKA Apollonia - finally land their very own residency. Welcome to Planet Claire.

Last Sunday night, they joined forces with Steve Lawler to bring us a double helping of tech heaven at the newest club on the island - Octan Ibiza.

The return of the Lab

Whilst Steve Lawler and his Warriors gang were hitting up the Basement, holy Trinity Apollonia, cooked up a storm of their own in the Lab for their long-awaited opening night.

The former Sankeys Lab has saved its name and its appeal following the Octan takeover. Although still maintaining that loveable gritty underground aesthetic, the room felt fresher.

Perhaps this was something to do with the significantly cooler temperature and higher ceiling, creating the airy space for a great clubbing experience? Room to breathe and room to dance - bring it on.

In true Octan ethos, the stripped back venue formed a blank canvas to create something simple. Not all DJs need extravagant light shows and over the top production to make an impact. Sometimes the muis speaks for itself. Planet Claire opening night proved that.

The LED backdrop that lit up with the Octan logo and "Apollonia" flashing up between beats was more than enough to illuminate the space.

The soundtrack

The Frenchmen dug deep into the vaults of underground electronic music to deliver a musical journey with highs and lows.

We edged towards to some tech house with the Dyed Soundorom remix of Time... Passes catching my attention. It was an unexpected turn of pace, but still a tune I'll be adding to my playlist.

As the night progressed, we were weaved in and out of house and techno with the odd recognisable tune for those paying attention. Dj Rasoul and McCarthy's Sexual Tension got a spin and from here, the sound gradually got deeper. The journey to Planet Claire had begun.

Z@p by Subliminal brought a mysterious air about the Lab. The moody track bared a space-like ambience, appropriately marrying the soundtrack with the Planet Claire name.

By now it was clear what each of the three members of Apollonia would bring to the table. They would take turns to add something even more interesting to the mix. With the Lab now the fullest it had been all evening, they were certainly doing something right.

A powerful finale

Another changeover brought the deeper tracks back. This time they had some minimal beats in store. Finally, I felt that chest-thumping bass for the first time all night.

It might have been the noticeably quieter sound system or simply that this track just got to me more than others.

The final track was called Annie Up North - a track in its rarity according to sources. This took us right through until 7:00, and before we knew it, we were the last ones standing and being guided in the direction of the exit. It was over too quickly.

If you missed it, there's no need to be alarmed. The Parisian powerhouse is back for another dose of Apollonian bliss same time, same place next Sunday. And then every Sunday until 29 September.

You know what to do: scroll down for info and tickets to plan your own journey to Planet Claire.

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