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6 guilty pleasure parties on Ibiza

The old-school parties we secretly love.

Guilty pleasures. We all have them. And, music is just the same. Whether you are craving some nostalgia or need the comfort of a familiar and easy listening genre, Ibiza has a party for that.

If we all liked the same music, the world would be a boring place, right? Here is our selection of the parties that we don't always like to admit we love yet all sing along to.


Relive the magic of the '60s, '70s, '80s and even '90s at Flower Power on Wednesdays for a heavy dose of nostalgic fun - just what the doctor ordered, we reckon.

Enjoy Pacha in all its beauty as the venue is adorned with peace signs and flower garlands for the evening. With 39 successful seasons under its belt, you can't deny the power of the flower.


Bongo's Bingo might not bring back the '70s nostalgia, but the crazy antics and wild behaviour make this popular UK clubbing experience a guilty pleasure. If you know, you know! Play for cash and bizarre novelty prizes, all sound-tracked by the best '90s and '00s tunes.

Dance-offs, rave intervals and karaoke are all regular occurrences, but you never really know what is going to happen next. You are in for a weird Wednesday. Time to get familiar with all those bingo calls if you are going to go for that full house.


Take a trip down memory lane with the likes of Graeme Park, Ratpack and Tony Hadley at Boom Boom Live on Thursdays. For singalong anthems and one-hit wonder fun, Es Paradis is the place to be.

With multiple genres, including dance, rap, pop, R&B or merely novelty, you will catch all your old-time favourites. This party starts early, at around 21:00. So, head down early to take advantage of sweet drink deals.


If you're looking for a flashback to the good old days, Children of the 80s will have everything you need. They have a series of legends still left on the remaining dates.

Namely, with Barbara Tucker, N-Trance and a selection of tribute acts, everyone will have something to reminisce over. Join other children of the 80s down at the plush Hard Rock Hotel on Fridays until 27 September.


From the curators of Game Over and One Night Stand comes WILDCHILD to deliver some 90s old school fun. This party is one for the ravers looking for classic tunes from bygone eras within a sophisticated setting – WILDCHILD and HEART Ibiza ticks all the boxes.

Digging deep in their crates, the DJs pull out the rarest gems. All you have to do is be “WILD” at HEART, every Saturday from now until 28 September.


With a healthy mix of old and new artists within their roster, there is a guilty pleasure for any age at the most sparkly party on the island, Glitterbox at Hï Ibiza. New age Horse Meet Disco meets old age Kathy Sledge for a night of live performances, alongside the freshest house music. After all, guilty pleasures do not have to be a flash from the past.

If you have ventured into the realm of Hï's DJ toilets – aka Hidden Corner – then you will know how it goes down. We have spent far too much of our night in there than we care to admit. Boogie all the way until 6 October when the flamboyant fun sadly comes to an end for another season.

To find your ultimate guilty pleasure, head to our party calendar for full info or follow the links to get your hands on your favourite tickets.

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