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Saga gets underway at HEART Ibiza

An immersive one.

After the success of the opening of Saga last week, Bedouin returned for week two of their mammoth 19-week residency at HEART Ibiza last night.

In true HEART style, the lavish Marina Botafoch nightclub attracted a smartly dressed crowd who were no less ready to party in their glad rags. Oh yeah.

On the line-up for the evening was SIS, Nico Stojan and, of course, Bedouin who closed the night. Co-stars of the show were the group of actors performing elaborate immersive role plays in the bar area downstairs.

Draped over a plush sofa and dressed mainly in leather and chains, they took it in turns to act out eccentric scenarios. Here the Cirque du Soleil roots of the club shone through. No one really knew exactly what was going on, but that made it all the more interesting.

Having spent 30 minutes intrigued by these erotic displays, I ventured into the main room. The crowd began to pick up at around 01:30 whilst Nico Stojan was up behind the decks.

The deep vibrations of Floyd Lavine's Kusimama pumped through the room as more people began to arrive.

Ascent Descent by Sobek & PALMFooD was up next with its flute-like echoes and rainforest sounds. It sounded like something straight from the Amazon, taking us on an exotic journey as the tune picked up in tempo.

At 02:00, it was time for Bedouin to take control. The American duo looked relaxed as they kicked off their set off with help from the tribal vocals of Luciano's Canción Mapuche. The tribal sound became a theme of the evening, as the rhythmic beats kept on coming.

Bedouin continued the theme through the beginning of their set. The vibrant visuals on the floor-to-ceiling screens on either wall were the perfect accompaniment to the tunes.

Later these took a different approach and followed with the deeper electronic sound of Animal by Pryda.

Soon enough, Bedouin brought the distinct melodic vibe back with Camel by Facundo Mohrr & Valdovinos. The track had everything you would expect from Bedouin, whose Middle Eastern influences were on form tonight.

Throughout the night, the crowd was very vocal, as plenty of cheers and chants could be heard with each drop Bedouin made. The comfortably busy club was a blessing meaning there was space to reach for the lights

Overall, the music, the captivating visuals and the eccentrically charged actors make Saga one of the most immersive parties on the island. See it for yourself every Sunday until 29 September.

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