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6 parties with authentic Ibiza vibes

Think freedom, liberation, creativity and love at these events on the White Isle.

Crowds gather for a Sunday drumming gathering at Cala Benirras

Parties with that authentic Ibiza vibe are still going strong today, each one more captivating than the last. As an alternative to the high tech super-clubs and social media frenzy, we have put together a collection of parties that keep this spirit alive in unique locations.

Ibiza's heritage wouldn't be anything without the history behind its hippy movement on the island. Since the late 1950s, those who follow the ideals of freedom and bohemian expression have flocked to the island to settle in the sun.

This liberated culture has carried its influence throughout the decades, nurtured by Ibiza's own free spirit. Remaining a constant in every aspect of human life, its culture remains all around us in modern-day Ibiza within fashion, food, nature projects and, perhaps most importantly, music events.

Check out below to discover where you can find that genuine spirit of Ibiza and its hippy movement.

Cosmic Pineapple | Pikes

One of Ibiza's spiritual diamonds is Pikes. Beloved by island dwellers and sun-kissed holidayers alike, the hotel and venue have a history that is now the stuff of legend.

The man behind it all, Tony Pike built the hotel with his own hands from the ground up. As a playboy hotelier, he played host to global superstars like George Michael, Freddie Mercury and Grace Jones.

Now owned by the Ibiza Rocks brand, it stands as an iconic institution hosting some very special parties. One of these is Cosmic Pineapple, a free-spirited afternoon-to-evening event that enriches the soul.

In 12 hours of magic, you can immerse yourself in a range of activities and activate your heart. From meditative yoga lessons and dance workshops to a creative market, Cosmic pineapple has it all.

In the evening, DJs play an authentic fusion of sounds and you can chill out in one of the most charming venues on the island. What more could you ask from a real alternative Ibiza experience?

Elements | HEART Ibiza

If we had to choose one place on Ibiza that encapsulates the bona fide hippy culture in modern Ibiza it's Cala Benirrás. Every Sunday, people from all walks of life gather on the sand to drum beats or watch the golden sunset, the vibe there is one of complete freedom in paradise.

Right there on the beach, feel-good restaurant and venue Elements warmly caters to the Benirrás crowd along with an impeccable soundtrack and unique atmosphere. With this winning combination, the team behind Elements have transported the spirit of the beach club to a full-blown party at HEART Ibiza on Mondays.

Effortlessly one of the parties which stays true Ibiza's root, Elements at HEART brings you the most contemporary sounds from critically acclaimed DJ talent. Just as impressive, fabulous acrobatics and production bring the elements water, air, fire and earth to life every week. Here you can immerse yourself in a party concept that was born and bred in Ibiza.

Flower power | Pacha

Paying homage to the era of the 1960s, peace, love and golden oldie tunes make up Flower Power. At this party, you can really let your hair down or alternatively wear a neon wig and not look out of place - quite the opposite. Here people put flowers in their hair and twist away to groovy tunes.

Flower Power is held in one of the most cherished venues on the island Pacha, which was recently refurbed.The decor effortlessly combines the style of an Ibizan finca with updated modern motifs, always keeping and carrying its grand heritage.

Flower Power is by far one of the most unpretentious parties on Ibiza. At this event, the music style switches between pop hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s and starting this season the 90s, too. You will dance to The Beatles, Chic, Michael Jackson and all the disco and funk grooves in between.

If you want to check out the sounds of Flower Power, check out our Spotify playlist here

The Zoo Project | Benimussa Park

Tucked away in the Ibizan countryside dwelling of Ses Païsses is the abandoned Benimussa Park. Every Sunday its flagship event, The Zoo Project sets up for a daytime to nighttime festival-like party like no other. Think hippy free spirits meet animalistic tribal vibes and you are on the right track.

The open-air nature of the old zoo nestled in a forest area makes it perfect for wanderers and the curious alike. Many love the ability to flit between the amphitheatre Seal Pit stage, the festival-like Treehouse stage and the underground club dwelling Rabbit Hole. The many options offer a unique sense of freedom to party-animals.

This is a party where animal print war paint is the customary look. Add wild performers and dancers to the unique house and techno soundtrack, and there you have it: a winning party concept with unmatchable authenticity.

If you want to know what The Zoo Project party sounds like, visit our Spotify playlist here

Can't make to Benimussa on Sunday? Then try out the party stylings of Capadi RebelsLand on Tuesday afternoons.

Wax Da Jam | Las Dalias

If you make the drive to the north of the island, an essential stopping point should be Las Dalias. Officially Ibiza's oldest nightclub, it is also one of the most beautiful. With its classic Ibizan architecture adorned with greenery, you can't help but be captivated by its magical vibe.

Critically acclaimed electronic artist Nightmares On Wax has been hosting his Wax Da Jam party concept on Thursdays at Las Dalias since 2016. At this party, you can witness live sets that feel like you are in a living room jamming session.

As night falls, groove-led and intimate DJ sets continue inside with an inclusive community vibe. The party itself is a wildly positive alternative and highly recommended for those once in a lifetime clubbing memories.

Aside from Wax Da Jam, at Las Dalias there is plenty more to see. Namaste on Wednesdays brings together local Ibizan talent for some musical magic under the stars. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays, the Hippy Market offers handmade clothing and trinkets.

Woomoon | Cova Santa

Out in the southern part of Ibiza's lush countryside stands Cova Santa, an Amnesia owned open-air palace built around an ancient cave. With spotlights that shine out of the venue like something out of a Hollywood premiere, you would think this place would be only for the rich and famous.

Quite the opposite is true for its main party, WooMooN is one of the most down-to-earth events on the White Isle. The party brings together artists, chefs, acoustic and electronic musicians and merchants together for one community gathering, all passionate about sharing their gifts.

Those who go to WooMooN return again and again for its genuine Ibiza experience. It's desert house sound denotes mysticism and intrigue in every set, taking visitors from the stalls to the dance floor.

A Sunday session at Woomoon is ultimately about inclusion through a love of various arts. For this reason, it is one of the most original party concepts on Ibiza.

All of these parties represent a very special part of what makes Ibiza one of the greatest places to party and enjoy music on this planet. All that remains to be done is for you to check them out and see for yourselves.

For more information on these parties and all the club listings on the island, visit our party calendar.

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