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Todd Terje booked by Heart Factory

HEART Ibiza set to bring in the Norwegian maestro in September.

Todd Terje fans, show yourselves. Now sit down, and have a read of this bomb of an announcement. Sightings of the Norwegian poly-genre producer in Ibiza are very few and far between, and for that reason, we're delighted to tell you that HEART Ibiza has him booked in for September for Heart Factory.

Heart Factory is the residency to have sealed the deal and this very special date is coming for you on Tuesday 19 September. Booking the Norwegian mastermind is a huge coup for the Ibiza Town club, and it verifies its status as a venue which pulls in some of the best talent that can be sourced from the dance music realm.

Todd Terje refuses to be categorised, but what we do know is that we'll be getting a delicious earful of his signature mix in sounds, with fusions of deep funk, nu disco, deep house and electronica. One thing we can guarantee is that it'll be outrageously playful and energetic.

Joining Todd Terje at Heart Factory is legendary American spinner Behrouz and German griller Adam Port.

Buy your tickets now. You won't want to miss out. All details below.

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