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Pikes Ibiza

San Antonio, Ibiza. Ibiza's most legendary hotel and the ultimate adults playground.


Type: Clubbing, Cool & stylish, Country

Pikes Hotel - A cat peers through its monocle, a lizard slings a microphone, umbrellas hang from trees and a fish gets its smoke on… this is just some of the creative artwork residing on the walls or lounging from branches that is representative of the ‘anything goes' atmosphere which hangs enticingly in the air at Pikes Hotel.

Set in the rural hills outside San Antonio, Pikes is a hotel with a history – a juicy history. Expanded from a 500 year finca into a luxury hotel in the early 80s by founder Tony Pike, Pikes soon became the Chelsea Hotel of Ibiza, a hideout and party hub for A-listers including George Michael, Grace Jones, Boy George and Freddie Mercury. These make up a portion of the incredible collection of famous and talented clientele that Pikes has hosted over the years and, as you can imagine, stories have nestled themselves in every nook and cranny of this architectural patchwork of suites and open spaces.

In recent years Tony Pike handed management over to Andy and Dawn, directors of Ibiza Rocks, and Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes was born. Considering how intrinsic rock and roll is to the ethos and energy of Pikes, the collaboration with Ibiza Rocks is an obvious and successful one - and naturally all Ibiza Rocks headliners now bunk down (or kick on) at Pikes.

Furniture is rustic and individual, items purchased over the years by Tony Pike on his travels, with the rooms then being designed around these styles that influenced him from all over the world. Thick wooden beams make up the ceilings, vinyl record players sit in every room and detailed Moorish arches abound – from the entrance of the pool to the entrance of your toilet!

The most famous suite is the Marrakech suite, which was famously frequented by Freddie Mercury and hosted his 40th birthday party. Nowadays the Freddie Mercury Suite (as it is now called) houses art exhibitions and many a raucous party, which tend to be as eccentric as they are exclusive. By staying at Pikes you're welcomed into a scene many would give a leg or three to get into.

It has your usual hotel suspects: pool, bar, mod cons, gardens, a tennis court and restaurant called Pamelas which overlooks the pool and bar area and serves up a Sunday Roast unparalleled. Pikes even has the customary ‘wellbeing' department, with facials, massages and hairdressing on offer, plus its own take on a Yoga retreat with the Pikes Rockovery Tent, a sheltered area beyond the tennis courts which has incredible views of the surrounding countryside and is a simple place in which to relax, re-invigorate and discover you spirituality or flexibility, depending which yoga class is running at the time. Pikes' Rockovery tent is an excellent way to balance out the excesses that the hotel itself tempts patrons towards at every corner.

If you're looking for the spirit of Ibiza it's here, dangling from a tree in the hills outside San An. Pikes must be experienced to be appreciated.

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Resort: San Antonio, Ibiza

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