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Ibiza 4 Day Challenge with Walking Ibiza

Around the island by walking, mountain biking and kayaking.

Thu 4 May, 2023, Fri 5 May, 2023, Sat 6 May, 2023, Sun 7 May, 2023
Where: Ibiza Outdoors/Walking Ibiza

To circumnavigate the island in 4 days by using mountain bikes, kayaks and walking is an incredible challenge that will test your fitness levels, get your adrenaline flowing and guarantee lots of fun!

Including transfers, initiation & briefing, most food – all home made and nutritionally balanced – water, overnight stays, professional guides for kayaking, mountain biking and walking,  celebration dinner and fully supported all the way. This 4-day adventure is a unique experience

Each year the route is different because of the weather conditions, which makes it even more special!

For further information and registrations head here.

Ibiza Outdoors/Walking Ibiza