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Easter processions in Ibiza town

Here are the times so that you don't miss any of the holy processions of Ibiza town.


Every day from 25 March 2024 until 31 March 2024
Where: Ibiza Town (Eivissa)

Easter in Ibiza is a time of fervent Catholic worship, but no matter what your religious or personal beliefs, the celebrations and processions are a sight to behold. 

Most of the processions are held within the walls of Dalt Vila, the medieval citadel, creating an atmosphere of spirituality and worship worthy of contemplation

For 2024, the schedule of processions and religious acts is the following: 

  • 25 march. Holy Monday - 20:00. Mass at the church of Santo Domingo and procession through Dalt Vila.  
  • 26 March. Holy Tuesday - 20:30. Mass and procession around the Cathedral. 
  • 27 March. Holy Wednesday - 19:00. Procession from the parish of El Rosario to the Cathedral. 
  • 28 March. Maudy Thursday - 07:00. Procession departing from Santa Cruz to the Cathedral. 10:30 Holy Chrism Mass at the Cathedral. 19:30 Mass of the Lord's Supper at the Cathedral. 19:30 Reading of the judgment to Christ and procession from the parish of Santa Cruz to the Cathedral. 
  • 29 March. Good Friday - 09:00 living Stations of the Cross, from the parish of Santa Cruz to the Cathedral. 18:30 Veneration of the Cross at the Cathedral. 20:00 Big procession of the Holy Burial departing from the Cathedral, all brotherhoods participate.  
  • 30 March. Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil at the Cathedral and other churches of Ibiza town. 
  • 31 March. Resurrection Sunday - 10:30 Holy Mass at the Cathedral. 11:00 procession of the Great Meeting in the park of Reina Sofía and Easter mass. 

Ibiza Town (Eivissa)

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