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Adlib Fashion Show

Celebrating the 51st edition with more than 15 Ibizan designers displaying their creations for 2022.

Saturday 11 Jun 2022
From: 20:00

Where: Ibiza Town (Eivissa)

Ibiza's Adlib fashion show is intended to raise the national and international profile of Ibiza fashion, with catwalks featuring the work of renowned and upcoming designers alike. Make your way to the Adlib Ibiza Runway in the port of Ibiza for some sumptuous designer stuff inspired by the island.

Adlib fashion is closely identified with the island and is characterised by natural fabrics like linen and cotton, plus handcrafted details like embroidery and lace - all in immaculate white.

However, the Adlib fashion show is open to all designers' ideas, so get ready for some bright colours to make an appearance too, along with accessories, footwear, jewellery and more!

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