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Sal de Ibiza

SAL de IBIZA “THE STORE” – located on the road to Santa Eulalia, definitely a place not to be missed!


THE STORE, the new concept store by SAL de IBIZA, offers you the most select choice of genuine products from your favourite island. Everything ranging from fashion, interior design, jewellery, “Balearic” sound – and of course fine food – all guaranteed to be top-quality by SAL de IBIZA!

They believe in recognized local brands, such as A Peace of Ibiza or the gourmet food brand Exquisite. You'll find lovely detailed accessories by Marta Anastasia and Twenty Violets, very refined pieces by jewellery designers like Protos, charming pareos by Lamu Kikoy and beach-towels by Obaba, sexy bikinis and swimwear. As well as internationally renowned brands "Hippie Glam"-Style with unique pieces such as Melé Beach or natural textiles from Uno Più Uno or nicely washed espandrilles from Suyute - and much more...

In addition SAL de IBIZA “Fashion Brand” will introduce and exclusively feature its own line of fashion surprises...

Now also on the road from Ibiza to San José, SAL de IBIZA “THE STORE” San José.

The most original Ibiza-Style products, all together in The Store!

Opening hours: 10:00 to 21:00 h
Address: Road from Ibiza to Santa Eulalia (km 3,4)

Resort: Santa Eulalia, Ibiza