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A Mi Manera

Restaurant, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. A beautiful country restaurant in an old Ibizan house located on the San Juan road, this place will surprise and delight when you enter.


With seating in the beautiful plant-filled and tree-lined garden or inside the rustic house, there are many delightful spaces to dine. It's a restaurant that works in harmony with nature and art, with stylish decoration touches, with sustainability at its core.

Much of the Mediterannean and Italian inspired menu uses produce grown directly in the restaurants' on-site vegetable garden, that's right next to the outside tables. Choose from fresh pastas and risottos, meat dishes, including several cuts of delicious Wagyu beef and sustainably sourced fish.

The overall aim is to truly fit into the natural vibe of the island and be a crucible for the many cultures and nationalities that convene and live on the island.

Resort: Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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