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SEU Pizza @Steps

Restaurant, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. Exceptional pasta and pizza dishes, voted 6th best in the world by the 50 Top Pizza Guide.



Seu Pizza @Steps, voted no less than the 3rd best pizza in Italy, is the fruit of a collaboration between the stylish design hotel W Ibiza and Italian pizza maestro, Pier Daniele Seu. Located on the seafront promenade of Santa Eulalia, it boasts an extensive menu of antipasti, fresh and artisanal pasta, and other Italian delights accompanied by a wide selection of Spritz and spirited cocktails. 

A native of Rome, Seu Pizza’s inspired creator, Pier Daniele Seu, is proud to offer his award-winning pizzas at STEPS, the only place in Spain where they can be savoured. Given the accolades it has received, there is no doubt about the pizzas' pedigree. And with such an illustrious background, the ground-breaking Italian trattoria may well become the place on Ibiza for pizza.

That is down to Seu’s unique vision of pizza making: pizza in a very elegant setting with excellent dough and a distinctive creative touch. The dough is light, airy, and easy to digest, while the ingredient combinations are bold. These essential elements raise pizza from the status of low-profile street food to a luxurious, high-level culinary experience.

True to its name, STEPS has a fabulous tiered terrace from which to gaze out over the Mediterranean while enjoying the Italian delicacies. 

Resort: Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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