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WOM Radio Cafe Ibiza

Restaurant, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. This laidback eatery is wowing diners and garnering huge acclaim.


Run by amiable, Harry Charles, WOM - that is, word of mouth - combines vibrant international street food dishes - created by head chef Benjamín Alemparte - with superb music and a genuine community vibe.

Just steps from the beach in Santa Eulalia, this boho-style restaurant features authentic world cuisine. 

The menu is crafted from locally sourced ingredients - it works closely with local organic farms - ranging from fresh fish to artisanal cheeses sourced from Ibiza, to offer a wholesome, nutritious dining experience. There are many vegetarian options and a nice selection of beers. 

Music, Balearic beats - as played by legendary Ibiza DJs -  to be precise, is central to the concept of WOM Radio Cafe. Combined with its open-air setting and deeply relaxing vibe, the floating, ethereal sounds make the ideal backdrop for a sunset cocktail or a mouth-watering evening meal.

As for ordering out, thanks to its enviable location, you can chill out in the sun while your takeaway feast is being prepared. To quote WOM’s key philosophy: “Life's better with sand between your toes and our food in your belly.”

For when it comes to chilling out in style on the beach while enjoying fine cuisine, you can’t beat the Ozzies!

Check out the menu here. 

Resort: Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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