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Season preview: Ocean Beach Ibiza 2014

A run down of San An's coolest open air party hot spot in 2014.

As part of our annual season preview series, we give you the run down of Ocean's weekly residencies and the special one-offs that take place over the season.

Ocean Beach Club has helped revolutionise the San Antonio pool and party scene, bringing it bang up to date and offering one of the coolest spots on the island to enjoy a cocktail, party in the pool, enjoy some great food and listen to plenty of quality music. Located just around the San Antonio bay, about 300m beyond Hed Kandi Bar and Itaca, Ocean Beach is open every day from Friday the 23rd of May.

One-Off Parties

- TUESDAY 27th MAY | Main Room Agency - 10€

The Ibiza based DJ agency takes on its first every showcase at ocean Beach, featuring Sarah Main, LuN, Italobros + Moon.

- SUNDAY 8th JUNE | Kubi Pool - 20€

Back for more 'sequins, cocktails and tunes', Kubi Pool will be soundtracked by Miguel Campbell + residents.

- SUNDAY 15th JUNE | Balearic Sessions - 20€

Geek + Eivissa combines with Super Sunday to put on a Balearic focused session with Colin Francis, Lloyd and Carlyon Delingo.

- SUNDAY 22nd JUNE + 28th SEPTEMBER | Tru's Do's - 20€

Tru's Do's is back with a Pink Party. Everything is pink, champagne, cocktails, decorations etc.

- SUNDAY 20th JUNE | Colours - 25€

Leading Scottish night Colours make their island debut with Danny Howard, Jon Mancini, Jack Eye Jones and a headliner as yet to be announced.

- SUNDAY 10th AUGUST | Boat Club - 20€

Big last year, the Boat Club makes a return with DJ Colin Francis (Marbella Sessions) Mick Willow (Sin Sundays) Michael Younger, Darrell Privett, Jiggy G & Nana B.

- SUNDAY 7th AUGUST | History of House Music - 15€

Taking you through a history of house music with DJs Graeme Park, Allister Whitehead, Rob Tissera, Jo Mills, Alex P & Brandon Block, Bizarre Inc (live), Rozalla (live), Shovell (percussion) and the Lovely Laura on sax.

- SUNDAY 24th AUGUST | Secret Party Project - 15€

So secret there is no information other than how much tickets will be. Totally underground man.

- SUNDAY 7th SEPTEMBER | My Nite - 20€

The taste of Ireland this one! Although don't expect any river dance stuff.

PHOTO | Daytime view of Ocean Beach overlooking where the new VIP area will be, the clothing boutique bottom right, with San An Bay on the top left corner. Dudes and dudettes hanging from table clothes in the sky are a common occurance - no need to call the Police.

MONDAYS | Hed Kandi
18 Parties - 2nd June - 29th September

Hed Kandi typically holds the crown on the Saturday night slot for Es Paradis in San Antonio, but each week from the 2nd June until 20th September you can get the beach/pool side vibes of Hed Kandi by heading down to Ocean Beach. All the loyal Hed Kandi residents will be involved playing plenty of sparkling classic house tracks perfect for a pool and cocktail environment.

TUESDAYS | Ibiza Sensations
16 Parties - 10th June - 23rd September

Spanish influences aplenty on Tuesdays at Ocean Beach as Spanish producer Luis Del Villar runs poolside parties from 10th June until 23rd September. The music focus is Balearic, Spanish and sunshine appropriate. Ibiza Sensations indeed.

WEDNESDAYS | Pull The Plug
15 Parties - 11th June - 17th September

This is an acoustic focused party with acoustic guitar from Tyrrell and vocals from the Lovely Laura (she really is lovely) on Sax. The party takes place every Wednesday from 11th June until 17th September, after moving from Thursday in 2013. Don't expect all super slow soppy numbers, all aspects of dance music are explored... but presented in a more manageable and chilled way.

THURSDAYS | Supermartxé
9 Parties - 3rd July - 28th August

The big surprise for the 2014 season at Ocean Beach is the addition of Thursdays in July and August with the islands biggest and best gay friendly show - Supermartxé. They host parties at Privilege on Friday nights, being one of the nights that can consistentyly fill the worlds biggest club with a capacity of 10,000. The shows are weird, wonderful but always on a scale seen nowhere else on the island or even around the world... particularly not every week. They will take over Ocean Beach for 12 hours each Thursday during the peak months, showcasing all that Supermartxé is about. Head over to their club page for an insight into what they get up to.

PHOTO | Ocean Beach by night showing how beautiful the venue looks when the sun goes down. Naturally, the water is warm enough to swim in all day and night, which is handy as some of the VIP beds can only be reach by water!

FRIDAY | Pool Party
18 Parties - 30th May - 26th September

This is a pool party. Obviously. Not that every other party isn;t one too on account of the party being in and around a pool... but the theme is focused on the main feature of Ocean Beach. A full day to get a bit wild, thrash around int he water like a drunken dolphin whilst watching the amazing entertainers and acrobats - from Arte Volantheatrical - do their thing about the place. DJs in charge of the beats will be Grant Collins and Sam Dungate to take you through some classics and more current tracks. The parties run from 30th May until 26th September.

SATURDAYS | Soul Heaven
18 Parties - 31st May - 27th September

Soul Heaven Saturdays take on a slightly different twist to the vast majority of parties on the island with a focus on the urban, R'n'B and soulful side of music. They run all day and until midnight poolside from 31st May until 27th September.

SUNDAYS | Ibiza Spray
4 Parties - 25th May - 31st August

As you will have gathered from the many one-offs and the fact that this date is shared in majority with Sin Sundays, Sundays are a very busy and dynamic day for Ocean Beach. Ibiza Spray is their own take on the famous champagne spray parties. Several hundred people and several hundred champagne bottles to help refill the pool. These parties are hugely popular, but it doesn't mean you can drink the pool water afterwards, ok?

SUNDAYS | Sin Sundays
4 Parties - 1st June - 21st September

This party hails from the north0west of England, more specifically - Liverpool. Expect some of the finest DJs and freshest sounds with entertainers floating around the venue as they invite everyone to indulge in a little sinful behaviour.

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