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Restaurant, Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza. A culinary experience like no other in the bustling foodie hotspot of Santa Gertrudis.


Ensconced in the heart of Santa Gertrudis, Overall is a culinary laboratory that defies the standard binary classification of cocktail bar/restaurant. A dynamic workshop designed to explore flavours – be they in the form of food or drinks - it offers its customers a gastronomic experience quite unlike anything they may have encountered before. Treating each day as an opportunity to research and develop cutting-edge flavours, its team of innovators – led by Mónica A. Patiño and Jorge A. Conde - serve up mouth-watering dishes and divine drinks created on the spot according to the tastes of each customer.

When it comes to the food, classic preservation methods such as smoking, fermentation or pickling are central to Overall’s ethos. The emphasis on conservation frees it from having to rely on solely seasonal fare, allowing it to employ its perfectly preserved produce when it is most convenient. Combine this approach with the use of outstanding fresh ingredients such as Almadraba tuna (aka red tuna), Japanese fish, Kobe wagyu, matured ribs from Galicia or a range of caviars sourced directly from the Pyrenees and Iran, and you have an inimitable tasting menu.

Rather than the customary drinks menu, Overall has its own curated library of liquid flavours, largely made out of local and seasonal products, that successfully merges traditional conservation methods such as distillation or fermentation with the latest kitchen technology. Relying on a vast range of options including distillates, hydrosols, liquors, native shrubs, tinctures, cordials, and vinegars, its pioneering team produce both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks designed to match the customer’s mood and personal preferences for taste or for pairing according to the sequence of delectable dishes emerging from the open-plan kitchen. Everything – down to the very ice they use – is homemade.

Such flexibility means you can enjoy the Overall experience with drinks alone, accompany them with a couple of dishes, or indulge in one of its comprehensive sampling menus comprising up to 12 courses with wine pairing.

Adaptation and change are the cornerstones of this ground-breaking gastronomic project, one where everything – from the skins, peels, leaves, seeds, and bark of ingredients – is harnessed to further its goal: achieving the maximum sensory experience in terms of taste and aroma with the minimum of waste.

Resort: Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza

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