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Restaurant, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. Utterly delicious Peruvian cuisine in one of Santa Eulalia's coolest rooftop venues.


Traditional Peruvian cuisine is given a gastronomic makeover and served with impeccable style at the 5-star Aguas de Ibiza hotel.

The Maymanta menu reflects everything that this abundant country has to offer, with ingredients from the mountains of the Andes to the depths of the Pacific Ocean. All the staples are here, including super-fresh seafood, hot chilli peppers, potatoes, and corn. Not forgetting to mention possibly the most exceptional bread and butter ever created!

Peruvian cuisine is unique and embraces influences from its ancient Inca past and from visitors from all around the Pacific Rim, as far as China and Japan. All dishes are served in large portions that are tailor-made for sharing - including a variety of ceviches, anticuchos, raw fish options, stir-fries and specialities from the Josper grill.  

The restaurant’s rooftop location offers diners a romantic, golden view of the sports marina and the bay of Santa Eulalia as the sun sets or as it twinkles like stars at night.

Resort: Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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