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La Llama

Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. A trendy dining space with stylish and eclectic design, fusing traditional and modern cooking techniques.



A restaurant that changes your perspective on hotel eateries, La Llama, meaning flame, offers a spirit and a cuisine born of fire. Entering the space via a sensor controlled wooden door, gives you the feeling of stepping into a secret lair. Inside, it's cosy and luxurious, with an air of calm and relaxation that puts you immediately at ease.

High-tech mixing decks are the first thing to greet you. Beyond these stands the open kitchen where head chef Haim Cohen, aided by his efficient team, has fused traditional and modern cooking techniques to create a cuisine that's exciting and full of deep flavours.

La Llama uses the best local produce, fresh fish and seafood, plus special cuts of meat, including three types of beef from Finnish Ayrshire, Galician Blond and Wagyu breeds. All meat is seared, then finished in the kitchen's 'taboon oven', infusing it with the rich flavour of wood smoke. A very extensive wine list offers one of the best selections on the island.

Design of the restaurant is eclectic, with lots of attention to detail. Showing this most vividly is the seating with stylish high bar stools and chairs of Royal Blue padded velve or contemporary beige linen. A canteen-style natural wood table, with polished blue top, impresses, as does the piano-key-like ceiling.

The Bridge Bar, a long American style bar overlooking the main atrium of the 5-star hotel, is the perfect pre-dining spot, offering a vast range of alcohols and a splendid array of cocktails. Service overall is friendly and efficient.

This is a very special dining venue and a terrific place to go with friends, lovers or family.

Resort: Santa Eulalia, Ibiza


Food review: La Llama, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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