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Bambuddha, Ibiza

Thai temple and tantric philosophy, Bambuddha is a bar/restaurant with a strong identity.


Well known internationally as one of Ibiza's most popular fine-dining restaurants, Bambuddha offers more than just great Thai cuisine. Its impressive Thai temple décor makes it an enjoyable place to meet with friends for a few drinks well into the night.

Bambuddha's setting is sumptuous and elaborate. Thatched-roof huts form the modest architectural framework of a venue which hosts stone statues, chandeliers, plump cushions, decorative bamboo and colourful lighting to create an atmosphere that is really something special.

As you'd expect from such a gourmet venue, the vast array of wine and cocktails is mouthwatering. Try the BJ cocktail, for example, which almost overshadows its inherent innuendo with a delicious blend of amaretto, frangelico, lime and cinnamon.

Though not usually a party spot, Bambuddha opens its doors to revelry on a few special occasions throughout the year. On Halloween, for example, it is heaving with every manner of macabre and other-worldly creatures, having become one of the most popular places to compare costumes and have a dance on this special night in Ibiza.


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