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Ibiza Food Fans

San Antonio, Ibiza. Restaurant quality food, very reasonable prices for all meals of the day without lifting a finger.



Make your mealtimes simple and enjoy the island with Ibiza Food Fans: A new concept in home-made take-away food.

Like the name suggests, the guys at Ibiza Food Fans love their food and you are really going to love theirs. Run by a team of three professional chefs, this high-end outfit offers you restaurant quality food, using top produce at very reasonable prices and you'll be stunned by the flavours and the top quality of the dishes on offer. It's fast becoming Ibiza Spotlight's staple lunch stop.

If you don't want to cook, want something healthy and tasty for lunch or fancy a picnic on the beach, simply head to Ibiza Food Fans and pick up your selection of super-tasty dishes taken from a broad range of options.

With classics like Spanish meatballs, gazpacho soup, freshly made falafel, ham or prawn croquettes, lamb kebabs, grilled squid and a fish of the day, to name but a few, there's plenty to choose from.

As well these popular regulars, each day the chefs put on a variety of specials, so you never get bored and always have something different to eat. There's a low-cost daily special too giving you a meal and a drink for as little as €7.20. It's easy to get into Ibiza Food Fans!

As well as all this, choose from a variety of snacks, yummy prepared salads - including a choose your own ingredients and vinaigrette one plus, pasta and rice dishes, hearty mains, scrumptious sides and a choice of sauces and salad dressings. To finish, get one of its totally tasty desserts.

Resort: San Antonio, Ibiza


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