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Es Tancó Pizzeria

San Rafael, Ibiza. A vast choice of pizzas to be enjoyed all year round.



Specialised in making amazing pizzas, Es Tancó is the locals' favourite. Serving also a variety of salads, fresh pasta, fish and meat dishes - delivery service available.

Es Tancó is a great place to go with friends or family to try their extensive selection of what many feel to be the best pizza on the island. The hand made dough is lovingly mixed and rested, then stretched, pulled and finished with a range of toppings - you can try from almost 40 different types.

With two sites, you can choose from the open, more rustic and larger restaurant in San Rafael or the smaller more intimate Sant Jordi restaurant. Both offer the same food, are open all year round and are open for lunch and dinner.

As well as the love, care and expertise put into the making of Es Tancó's pizza, it is the essential-to-pizza wood-burning oven, that imparts its magic on the finished product. The flames of the oven make the dough rise just enough and give the outside that all-important touch of crispness.

You will find fresh pasta, such as truffle and ricotta ravioli, orecchiette and macaroni - and with the restaurant being Italian owned, it's all just like mama used to make. A range of meat are also available, including tasty cuts of steak like entrecote and entraña or the highly-prized Spanish pork cut, Pluma Iberica.

Sea bream and fresh tuna are some highlights of the fish menu and if you want something even lighter, you can opt for one of the delicious salads. For those that want to indulge, a range of lovely desserts is on offer too.

For vegetarians and vegans there is a selection of veg-friendly pizzas and a delicious spinach lasagna.

If you don't feel like making it out of where you are, then make use of Es Tancó's excellent delivery service, which includes pizzas, pastas, salads and even wines to your door.


Resort: San Rafael, Ibiza