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Ca'n Pilot Restaurant

Restaurant, San Rafael, Ibiza. A big Ibizan favourite, specialising in excellent quality meat grilled to perfection in the heart of San Rafael village.


A favourite with the locals for years and years, the secret of Ca'n Pilot's success is easy; excellent, simple food, good wine and reasonable prices. People flock to this San Rafael restaurant from far and wide to taste the succulent meat which has been stored for just the right time to ensure both tenderness and flavour!

Specialities include beef ribs, lamb chops, country chicken and best of all, the star of the show, T-Bone steak part cooked on a charcoal BBQ and brought to your table on a mini-grill to be finished to your liking. Add a selection of delicious roast peppers, tomatoes or potatoes as a perfect accompaniment, but remember to leave room for some typical Spanish and Ibicenco desserts like Greixonera and Tarta de Santiago.

The large, air-conditioned interior, buzzing with conversation, is a great place to have lunch, and is packed with Ibicenco families – a good sign – on Sundays. For a smidgen of romance, star-gazers can dine by candlelight on the terrace whilst watching village life pass slowly by.

Resort: San Rafael, Ibiza

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