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Spotlight's Ibiza food & drink guide

Spanish specialities and Ibizan foods and drinks. With many wonderful dishes you'd love to try.


Every restaurant, cafe and bar featured on Ibiza Spotlight has been carefully selected for quality and value. Offering a wide range of culinary choice and ambience the one thing they all have in common is a strong reputation for maintaining high standards year after year. Expect to enjoy tempting food, stylish or rustic surroundings and great service.


Restaurants on Ibiza are open for lunch from around 13:00 until 16:00 and for dinner from around 20.00 till late. The Spanish though rarely eat before 14.00 h and the restaurants are at their busiest between 15.00 and 16.00. At 20.00 you'll have a good chance of obtaining the best table in the restaurant – the locals as well as Spanish and Italian holidaymakers probably won't arrive before 22.00, particularly on balmy summer evenings.

But all holiday resorts do have restaurants and eateries which serve food all day, so even if you can't get into the Spanish routine you will never go hungry.

Many restaurants on Ibiza open all year round although they may have different opening times. The big bonus is that the low season menu del dia, fixed price menus - are widely available. These offer tremendous value for three course lunches, very often including a glass of wine, beer or soft drink.

Cafes and bars

For more informal refreshments, the island's cafes and bars are a good option. Open from early until late you can always pop in for a coffee or beer to recharge. Frequented by regulars and locals you will have the perfect opportunity to practice your Spanish. Many also serve tapas (small snack portions) and bocadillos (hearty sandwiches with crusty bread) to snack on.

Ibiza Spotlight Restaurant Guide

In our Spotlight Restaurant Guide, you will find many restaurants and cafés on Ibiza - a great choice for all tastes and budgets, in the best locations on the island, for example on the beach, in the old town of Ibiza or in the countryside.

Most restaurant pages offer updated opening hours (according to Google opening times), a detailed description and photos. Furthermore, we have visited many of the places on Ibiza - read our food reviews and stimulate your appetite with photos of the dishes. .

Read also our guide on Tipping on Ibiza: all you need to know.

Local drinks to delight you


No trip to Ibiza would be complete without a jug of sangria in the sun. A heady mix of wine, spirits and fruit juice with fresh fruit it is the perfect refreshing drink to sip whilst enjoying a view of the Mediterranean or a village church. There are a few different varieties, red or white wine based but for total indulgence opt for the cava sangria, a fruity, fizzy holiday treat.

Hierbas ibicencas

Almost everyone on Ibiza drinks hierbas! It´s been an island tradition for over 200 years to produce this delicious liquor. A blend of alcohol and wild herbs with an aniseed base it can be drunk with or without ice. Many restaurants will offer you a free chupito (shot) of hierbas after your meal. Try it and you won't look back.


Another island favourite, this sweet thyme-infused liquor can be recognised by its orange hue. Splash it over some ice and enjoy a traditional taste of Ibiza.

Tinto de verano

Meaning ‘red wine of summer' tinto de verano is a refreshing drink similar to sangria but without the fruit. A combination of red wine and a mixer called gaseosa (similar to seven up) it is served chilled with ice and is a great thirst-quencher.

Zumo fresco

Freshly squeezed juices are big on the island. You can find any combination of fruit and vegetables. Zumo verde with spinach, lime, ginger and apple is popular or a zumo naranja - orange juice - will hit the mark.


This is a generic term for any soft drink such as coke, lemonade or iced tea.

Spanish dishes to tempt you


Sharing a paella at a beach restaurant of your choice with a view to die for is an unmissable highlight of your holiday. The smell of fresh fish and saffron will draw you in. A traditional dish across Spain, rice is steeped in seafood flavours and mixed with fish or meat, depending on the variety. Delivered to your table in a huge paella pan it is an experience as much as a meal.

Bullit de peix

This is a Catalan fish stew combining different types of fish, potatoes and spices. The broth is reserved to make a second course of crispy, fishy rice – absolutely delicious.


Similar to paella but made with noodles instead of rice. Combining pasta with fish and shellfish flavoured with lemon is a winning combination.

Sofrit pagès

Commonly enjoyed at the island´s many fiestas, sofrit pagès is a mouthwatering mix of chicken, lamb and Ibiza sausagesbutifarra and sobrasada - with potatoes, garlic and spices. If you want to try a dish which is typical of Ibiza, this is the one for you.

Bread and alioli

Offered at the start of most meals in the traditional restaurants, bread and alioli is a seriously tasty appetiser. Alioli is a pungent garlic mayonnaise, ideal for getting the juices flowing.

Tapas and pintxos

The Spanish enjoy their food and to fill the hours between main meals there are always snacks on offer. Tapas such as tortilla - Spanish omelette - and prawns in garlic turn a glass of wine into an event. Pintxos joints can be found throughout Ibiza town serving tasty bites on a slice of crusty bread. Scrumptious.


This traditional Ibizan dessert is another staple at fiestas and family celebrations. Made with sweet pastries, milk and eggs it is similar to a bread pudding.


An Ibizan take on cheesecake, flaó is much loved by the locals. Originally an easter tradition, the flavours of cheese, honey and mint have made this a year round favourite.


Balearic croissants filled with either cream, chocolate or sweet pumpkin (Angel's Hair) or simply dusted with icing sugar.

Fish & meat

As well as the hugely popular dishes detailed above you will find an impressive range of meat and fish dishes on the menu (dont worry, this is mostly also available in English).

But as a guide here are some of the choices you will encounter:


bacalao - cod

merluza – hake

emperador – swordfish

rape - monkfish

dorada - gilt-head bream

lenguado – sole 

calamares – squid 

pulpo - octopus 

gambas – prawns 

langostinos – king prawns

bogavante - lobster

mejillones - mussels

almejas - clams


buey - ox

ternera - veal

entrecot - entrecôte

chuleta - chop

costillas – spare ribs

conejo - rabbit

cordero - lamb

solomillo – filet steak

cerdo - pork

pollo - chicken

sobrasada – typical raw, cured sausage from the Balearic Islands with pork and paprika

butifarra – blood sausage

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