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Space Eat & Dance, Ibiza

This venue is the latest dream of pioneer Pepe Roselló, the creator of the legendary nightclub Space, three-time winner of the best club in the world award.

Located in one of the most iconic spaces of "Made in Ibiza" music, the Sunset Strip where - thanks to José Padilla - the concept of "chill out" and the genuinely Ibizan "sunset" culture were born, Space adds an exciting element to this experience by introducing top-level gastronomy.

Built in the 1950s, this venue served as the epicentre of the "dolce vita" that San Antonio represented in the 1960s and 1970s, where countesses, dukes, peasants, fishermen, adventurers, industrialists, dancers, filmmakers, writers, and many other fascinating characters coexisted. 

The menu is inspired by the Mediterranean diet, with Asian influences and the finest local ingredients. The venue also features a spacious cocktail area to enjoy the sunset and a large wooden terrace, where you can savour the food, engage in conversation, and indulge in the music cooked up by the local DJs.

The menu is adorned with a quote by Pepe Roselló that reads:

"Music is the soul that brings life to the fantasy of emotions, the passion and love that harmonize the world, and when combined with food, it creates an unparalleled pleasure." 

The establishment welcomes residents and friends of Space with open arms, offering diverse flavours, friendly experiences, affordable prices, artistic bohemia, and constant innovation.

Resort: San Antonio, Ibiza

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