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Review: WooMoon at Cova Santa Ibiza

2016's party of the summer?

The words "this is the real Ibiza" are still ringing in my ears, the taste of authentic, homemade aloo gobi curry lingers in my mouth and my heart is still bursting with elation. Have you ever experienced something so unique - so out of this world - that you feel almost frustrated that no amount of words can ever paint a precise picture of what your experience was like?

Yesterday's downpour of rain meant Cova Santa was on the verge of closure, but nature decided a party such as WooMoon could never come to a halt and the sunshine re-appeared just in time. The dirt track leading up to this Balearic hideout, situated among soaring cliffs, was still slightly soggy with rain, but energies were as high as the sky - something I've been told is a well documented side effect of any WooMoon party. The mythical sounds of exotic, instrumental beats filled the maze-like venue, with Chancha Via Circuito playing behind layers of huge geometric wooden mandalas, as party-goers ranging from the ages of six to 90 danced to the beat of their existence - resonating spirituality while shoeless, grasping and holding eachother, sharing stories and exchanging kisses.

Three actors wore homemade African masks and zipped through the crowd, and dancers wearing tribal-like jumpsuits handed out flowers, asking us to stick them on giant black creatures walking through the crowd in exchange for a wish from Earth - I'd been told before that WooMoon was the best party on the island this summer, and that statement was starting to make more and more sense as the night continued. It was impossible to hold on to any feelings of worry while surrounded by unforgettable views, the burnt orange sky and the surrounding forest steeped in spirit and history. By now the multi-aged crowd had thickened, and kids were being mesmerised by a bounding dog sporting a bindi. Every creek at Cova Santa was bleeding hippie-trippy vibes and vaunted adventure.

I had already teared up at least twice thanks to the sight of dancing children (I'm emotional, ok?) and a whole lot more tears came as we ventured deep underground to witness one of the most heart-wrenching and ethereal performances to date. After toasting to shots poured in light bulbs by a mad scientist, we were led further into the cave and told to sit around a giant crystal. The music was brought to us by giant bowls and a digeridoo as a gracefully-moving, head dress-wearing woman worshipped said crystal. Her eyes burnt into ours as she moved in time to the music, not making a sound while moving her limbs. No amount of words can describe the energy produced from this performance - silence spoke louder than words and as we left the cave, my heart was still racing from what I'd witnessed.

Having been lost undeground for at least 30 minutes, the party above had really come to life, and the once beige mandalas were bursting with light. Crussen put a modern, electronic twist to the usual tribal beats and the floor was vibrating with movement. Inside had turned into an ellusive nightclub; one where the walls took clubbers to another dimension with kaleidoscopic patterns. One man sporting a head of dreadlocks saw me catching flies in amazement and welcomed me warmly into his WooMoon family.

If my words weren't enough to sum up this party, let the creator of it do so, in his very own words: "The magic exists. This is the feeling of a tribe - only fear kills your dreams."

WORDS | Ruby Munslow PHOTOGRPAHY | Juliàn Farina

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