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Ibiza Virgins' Guide: Amnesia

This week our Ibiza Virgins' Guide thrusts us through Amnesia's doors

Amnesia is a club with humble farmhouse beginnings. Back in the day it was a meeting point with a few tables and chairs that people sauntered to after a session across the road at Ku – now Privilege. In 1976, before it was named Amnesia, the club was christened The Workshop of Forgetfulness on the idealist principle that people forget their daily problems and tired routines to escape into the unknown. Fast forward to 1987 - when British DJs Nicky Holloway, Danny Rampling, Johnny Walker and Paul Oakenfold landed - and you have yourself a year that would change the face of clubbing for the next 12 years. Balearic beats owned the disco realm with the likes of DJ Alfredo leading clubbers through a wild time of electric hedonism in the open air.

These days, Amnesia is considered an iconic club. It has two rooms; the Terrace and the Main Room. The Terrace now has a roof, but is still famed for its sunrise sessions, when the sun streams through the windows, illuminating the entire crowd. The Main Room is a more cavernous affair, with dark corners and low lighting for a more internalised clubbing affair.

Hundreds of thousands of you are still waiting to discover this iconic clubbing space, so if you can label yourself an Amnesia virgin, here's our guide to making sure you have a top-notch, trailblazing Ibiza experience at one of the island's most loved clubs.

Quick Facts

Number of rooms: Two - the Terrace and the Main Room
Capacity: 5,000
Famous for: Sunrise on the Terrace, Cocoon, opening and closing parties, the friendly crowd, the biggest and best ice cannons on the island
Go if: You want to sample old school Ibiza clubbing

How to get there

Amnesia is situated on the main road between Ibiza Town and San Antonio, near San Rafael. Taxis are of course readily available and can be caught all night long from the rank in San Antonio at the bottom of the West End; along the main road in Playa d'en Bossa; and at various taxi rank spots in Ibiza Town. From these popular destinations, it'll cost around 15 euros to get yourselves there quick sharp.

The other, cheaper option, is to take the raucous disco bus. From San Antonio, you can catch a bus to Amnesia from the main bus station, and from Playa d'en Bossa, the bus stop is along the main strip opposite bar Tantra. Departing roughly every half hour, the journey will cost you just 3€ and for that, you'll also get an experience buzzing with excitement. No glass bottles are allowed so leave yourself a few minutes before you leave your apartment or hotel to pour your beverage of choice into a plastic bottle. To say folks on the disco bus are hyper is an understatement - which is just as it should be - but it pays to remember that a) not everyone on the bus is on their way to or from a party and b) bus drivers have breaking points too. So please keep it clean as possible- in every sense of the word.

After a heady session, your options of retreat depend on your hour of exit. The disco bus finishes at 6 AM and regular buses resume business at 7 AM. The taxi rank outside Amnesia beefs up its services from around 30 minutes before the club closes at 7 AM and if you storm through until the final beat, you will of course be waiting a little longer in the taxi queue. Normally there is one disco bus waiting outside to transport a lot of you back to San Antonio.

A full list of disco bus timetables can be found here.

The tunage

The breed of electronic tunage reverberating through Amnesia's famous Terrace and Main Room range from techno, bass, house, trance and EDM – there's literally something for every beat beast. Sven Väth's Cocoon on Mondays (techno) and Cream on Thursdays (trance) are the longstanding parties that have reigned for over a decade - their recipes have been spun to perfection, so you're in the guaranteed position of having a belter. In the techno camp you also have one of the island's most popular parties, Music On, with Marco Carola leading the charge to a packed out crowd every Friday. HYTE on Wednesdays is another for the techno heads with Loco Dice, Pan-Pot and Chris Liebing standing in as rotating residents, and although it was only added to the roster last year, its line-ups position it as a must for those who like the harder stuff. Together (Tuesdays) is a two-in-one party concept in its sixth year on the island - bass owns the Main Room with the likes of Chase & Status, Rudimental, Andy C and Sub Focus owning the lair, and the Terrace is for the house heads, with residents Hannah Wants and Gorgon City.

Elsewhere, you've got the big-room commercial smashers on Saturdays with blonde bombshell, Paris Hilton, and her Foam & Diamonds fiesta, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike's House of Madness on Sundays.

Expect to pay from €40 to €50 for most parties, depending on the month. For the finer details, find our party guide here.

Food & drink

Spirit and mixers cost around €18 or more and a beer €12. Water is €10. The bars upstairs are more expensive. A little tasty gem of a secret is that you can buy sizzling hotdogs outside at the bar in the outdoor smoking zone. Some might say cheating is eating, but in Ibiza you're pushed to your limits and that hunger needs to be fed if you want to see the night out to the end. Also, the bar on the far right of the Terrace (to the right of the DJ when looking at the booth) has a coffee machine, as well as croissants, other pastries and pizza. Dig in.

Dress Code

One word: experiment. Ibiza is the kind of destination that encourages you to wear the kind of threads that you'd never slip into anywhere else. Take yourself through the amazing vintage snaps from the '80s and you'll soon discover that this is a place where sartorial statements are made. If you don't want to fish through what some might consider a fancy dress box that's okay, wear whatever will make you most comfortable for a dancing marathon.

DJ set times

These are always published on the wall just as you get into the club, and before you either head to the Terrace to the left or into the Main Room on the right.

Cloakroom / ATM

Amnesia has a cloakroom that's located at the right hand side just as you get into the Main Room. There is no ATM so come armed with cash and cards.

Amnesia opening and closing party

Amnesia's opening and closing parties are two brutes of a party that have long been considered unmissable to thousands. The line-ups are always stellar and include some of the best techno and tech house DJs of the moment as well as the club's residents. These badboys are not for the weak as they get mega busy, but the atmosphere on the Terrace during Amnesia closing is simply unbeatable - for a lot of island residents it's the party highlight of the year. Recount that feeling of Christmas morning before you've ransacked the gift pile and you have yourself the same buzz of emotions that you'll be juggling on Amnesia's big closing.

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