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Photo Review: SupermartXé, 9th August 2013

Everything is big at this party - the club, the music, the performance, and the exposed body parts. Enjoy.

SupermartXé is the ultimate show. YouTube them and have a look at some of their videos and you'll see what I mean. Nalaya, with her gutsy voice and impressive beat-boxing skills, the dancers, with their lack of clothes and huge 'assets', the DJs, with their sub-par Daft PUNK robot suit efforts (they still look cool though) and the performers which vary from the sexiest of sexy ladies in giant cocktails sparying water all over the show to a man on a BMX suspended from the sky - all of this comes together with a typical packed out main room full of people from all walks of life that are there shake their booty at the guy or girl next to them.

Seriously - go check it out, even just once for 30 mins, you won't have seen anything like it before.

For a full photo review of the party, head over to our Facebook fan page.

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